Celebrate Book Week With These Three Shortlisted Books

Bedtime stories, heroic characters, adventure, exploration and magic…

Childhood is the perfect time to discover all these magical elements. And children’s books have all of them.

It’s never too early for your child to be introduced to the fabulous world of books. There are so many developmental benefits of reading to and with your child from an early age. Some of them include cognitive, speech and social skills.

How early can you start reading with your child?

Shortly put, as early as you can.

Even as a baby, your child can follow the story with the help of illustrations. Children’s books are specially created for the little ones to follow a story with the help of illustrations, rhymes and repetition.

Once your baby becomes a toddler, the reading world opens up to a variety of literary possibilities.

3 perfect books you can enjoy with your kids this week:

To celebrate Book Week, the Children’s Book Council of Australia created a short list of books for early childhood.

Here are our three illustrated book recommendations for a magical story time with your baby or toddler:

1. Go Home, Cheeky Animals!

The quirky illustrations will instantly catch your child’s attention and immerse them into the story. It might have the same effect on you!

This book is about some lazy cheeky dogs who let a bunch of animals inside Canteen Creek, although they were supposed to protect it.

The story of the cheeky animals will teach your child a few important life lessons about discipline, the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

A must-read for Book Week!

2. Nannie Loves

Nannie lives on a beautiful farm with all kinds of furry and fluffy animals. She loves her farm and all her animals.

You know what Nannie loves the most?

Finding out her family will come to stay with her.

This lovely book has plenty of engaging rhymes and repetitions that can help children imagine the rhythmicity of farm labour: shooing sheep, herding cows, planting seeds or driving the tractor.

The story focuses on the importance of family. It’s a heartwarming story! Not to mention the delightful illustrations…

It has the potential of becoming a favourite bedtime read for your baby or toddler.

3. Chip

Chip loves chips!

This seagull will do anything for some chips – even steal.

Things get complicated when the owner of Joe’s Chip Van puts up a sign near his van warning people not to feed the seagulls anymore.

It’s a story about the power of determination and hard work that will teach your child some valuable life lessons.

The bright and airy illustrations will create a perfect environment for your child to imagine the story unfolding.

You can never go wrong with any of these illustrated books. Now’s the time to introduce your child to the magical world of books. It will transform their childhood into a wonderland.

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”- (Dr. Seuss)

Are you looking for even more inspiration for Book Week 2017?

Check out our shortlisted books from last year – you’ll find some stories and engaging illustrations.

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