Playgroup NSW

Playgroup NSW is a not-for-profit organisation that helps connect families and children to people and services in the community to positively impact their quality of life. 

For over 50 years, Playgroup NSW has delivered and linked families to, vital services such as parent support groups and playgroups for those experiencing vulnerability and diversity, and those who value community connections. We offer valuable volunteer opportunities and experiences through our community led programs, and we support our volunteers to create connections through play within their communities. 

All Playgroup NSW programs are designed to help families navigate the challenges of parenting and build strong, resilient communities.

Thousands of families connect via Playgroup sessions affiliated with or delivered by Playgroup NSW run every week, building their parental capacity, building their village and helping their children learn. 



Our Focus

Playgroup NSW’s focus is on equal opportunity for children in education, health and wellbeing in the first 5 years, and in particular in their first 2,000 days of life.

Over 50 Years of connecting communities

For over 50 years, Playgroup NSW has been a fundamental community building block, creating vital social networks in which children, parents, carers and grandparents, can play together, share knowledge and experiences, connect, and grow stronger as a community.

Together we support and deliver thousands of Playgroup sessions a year, through a range of strengths-based programs.


We have a range of programs supporting:

-  Community volunteers

- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

- Culturally and linguistically diverse families

-  Intergenerational programs for Older Australians  

- Perinatal mental and parent/child mental health programs for expecting and new parents

- Early intervention specifically for children and families experiencing vulnerabilities and for children with disability and their carers


These vital and impactful programs help us to connect and support our 65,000 member families currently enjoy Playgroup+ membership benefits.

What is a Playgroup and why join?

There are several different kinds of Playgroups, including supported Playgroup programs, that your family can attend.

Community playgroups are run by local volunteers. These sessions are lightly structured, informal gatherings where babies, toddlers and pre-school aged children and their parents or carers can come together to learn through play, and connect with one another.

Through our peer support programs and supported Playgroups we also support families who are experiencing vulnerabilities or diversities. These programs help us reach out to families who may otherwise miss out on the fantastic experience of Playgroup.

Find out more about our supported programs.

Locate the right Playgroup near you

Joining a local community Playgroup or attending a supported Playgroup allows for families to create shared experiences with others in similar situations, creating a community that can last well beyond the early childhood years. Playgroup enhances a child’s development and helps better prepare children for school. Playgroup is one of the first social networks that a family will be a part of.

How we do it

Playgroup NSW exists because of the thousands of committed and enthusiastic members who attend local playgroups, volunteers who run our community Playgroups by serving on their Playgroup’s committee and those elected to our dedicated Board of Management.

Playgroup NSW is supported by State and Federal government funding and the sponsorship of corporate partners. For more information about our most recent work and accomplishments, read our current annual report.

By The Numbers

Members across 94% of NSW postcodes
Playgroup sessions held each week
Weekly facilitated groups for families with particular needs
Parent and carer member volunteers run our community playgroups

We support families experiencing isolation or needing support through our community programs and supported playgroups. These programs help us reach out to families who may otherwise miss out on the fantastic experience of playgroup.

Connected Beginnings


Play & Learn Supported Inclusive Playgroups (PALS)



Play Strong

Sutherland Supported Program

Timeless Play


Playgroup NSW leads and delivers programs and services that strengthen child development, nurture parent and carer wellbeing, and connect communities.


For every child and family to have a place in their community to connect, learn, and belong.

Strategic Plan

View our Strategic Plan that outlines our priorities.

Our Values

Playgroup NSW is driven by these values, and we demonstrate them in our work and in our relationships and encourage them across our membership and in all our activities.

Act with integrity
Lead change
Embrace Inclusivity
Balance Work and Play

Partner With Us

If your organisation is like-minded and you are interested in working with Playgroup NSW, find out how you can partner with us.

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Playgroup NSW leads play-based programs and services for NSW families with children birth to school age, offering development, shared experiences, and family support, that results in active citizens and inclusive communities.