Top 5 Reasons To Go To Playgroup

Playgroup is a fun, interactive experience for young children and adults alike. With over 800 playgroups affiliated with Playgroup NSW, there are many benefits to attending.

Here are our top 5.

1. Developing children’s social skills

Through play and socialising with others their age, children develop both their social skills and emotional skills. This includes learning about empathy, managing their feelings, sharing, friendship and developing the ability to keep negative emotions under control.

One of our parents who attends playgroup recalls, “I was having issues with my girls getting along with each other before attending playgroup but now they love chatting with other kids. Playgroup has been great for their development.”

2. Making new friends

A lot of friendships are established through playgroup, not only between children, but between parents as well. One of the things that families love is that playgroup helps them to meet new people and extend their social life. Playgroup might be a family’s first social network that is about them as a group.

This is especially true in the case of people who have just moved to a new area or don’t have a support network. One father who who had just moved from the UK when he joined playgroup describes it as being a “life-saver”. “By attending playgroup, my daughter and I have made great friends,” he explains. “Other playgroup families have formed my family’s social network – playgroup led to playdates, which then led to social BBQs.”


3. Building support networks

Playgroups connect people who are in similar situations and can support each other. Having children is an amazing experience, but there are times when it’s good to know there is someone in your local community you can rely on when you need help or someone to talk to.

One of our playgroup mothers explains, “Playgroup has been a sanity saver. I had postnatal depression and the bonds and connections I have made with other mums have helped me through some very challenging times. I am originally from Queensland so my playgroup has given me the opportunity to make friends in my local area and develop a social and support network.”

4. There’s a playgroup for everyone

It is important that when you attend playgroup, both you and your child feel welcomed and can relate to the group. With a range of different types of groups catering to local areas, different interests or needs, most families can find a group that works for them.

There are more than 800 playgroups across NSW, with one to suit everyone!

5. Helping your child prepare for school

Socialisation and play in the early years are your child’s first important steps towards becoming ready for preschool or school. Through playgroup, your child will learn to interact with others, get used to a routine and experience activities such as story time and sharing morning tea. Playgroup is a great way to help children build independence and experience group activities common to day care, preschool and school.

The environment and activities at playgroup provide your child with experiences that enable them to manage stress and adapt to change. It offers them opportunities to explore, invent, reason and solve problems.

Find a playgroup today…

Playgroup NSW has been around for over 40 years, with many second and third generations of playgroup families. They are an important part of childhood, and parents across Australia recognise the importance these gatherings have to their children’s development.

You can find a playgroup in your area or if there is not one in your area, click here to discover how to start a playgroup.

Feel free to contact us for any questions, enquiries, or additional information.

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