Connected Beginnings

Connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in Wagga Wagga to health and early childhood services

What it is – working side by side with the Wagga Community

In Wiradjuri Language, ‘ngurra’ means ‘side by side’.The Ngurra Connected Beginnings Wagga Program team will work side by side (ngurra) the Wagga Aboriginal community, it’s families, schools, and support services.

The vision of the Ngurra Connected Beginnings Wagga Program is to provide all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children birth -5 years of age, living in Wagga Wagga with a great start, by improving their wellbeing prior to school, with a specific focus across education, health and family services.

The initiative will particularly address the needs specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families living in Wagga Wagga using a collective impact approach to determine unique and community-owned goals and strategies to connect families to support services and improve the ability of children to achieve a positive transition to school.

Who it is for – connections for school readiness and lifelong outcomes

The Ngurra Hub connects families to early childhood education, maternal and child health, and family support services in Wagga Wagga, so that Aboriginal children are well prepared for school. Our aim is to achieve systemic and sustainable positive change by working together across the community to improve school readiness and educational outcomes for Aboriginal Children.


The Ngurra Community Hub offers a welcoming place for all families to connect and also offers Aboriginal families support and linkage to a range of support services! Pop in for a yarn and a play today!

  • Speech Pathology
  • Dental
  • School Readiness
  • Early Intervention
  • Commonwealth Agencies
  • Medical Services

Contact Details

To learn more about the Connected Beginnings program please contact [email protected] or call 0421 924 425 (business hours only).

Address: Ngurra Hub Wiradiuri Country, 15 Blakemore Avenue, Ashmont, NSW, 2650

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