A Community of Family and Friends

Holly Pender’s playgroup experience as a child was truly a family affair.

Kimo Kids Playgroup provided her and her mother, Leonie, a regular opportunity to socialise with cousins and Holly’s Aunty Alison. Playgroup was particularly wonderful for mum, who Holly describes as “extremely shy.”

“Playgroup,” she says, “was a great opportunity for our family to play with other kids in a safe, relaxed environment.”

Today, Holly attends the Gardens Playgroup in Merrylands with her three children. She loves the sense of inclusion and community support, which her mother appreciated as well. As an early childhood teacher, Holly understood the benefits of attending playgroup for her baby, “but I did not expect to have such a positive experience myself, especially being naturally introverted,” she says.

“I have made friends at playgroup that we see several times a week outside the group. It is wonderful watching our children grow up together and to have people in our lives who understand the unique joys and challenges of each particular age and stage.”