Generation Playtime Launches!

Generation Playtime

Playgroup NSW is proud to announce the launch of Generation Playtime. This innovative program, funded by the Department of Communities and Justice, aims to create a community-focused Playgroup experience at select Westfield shopping centres across Sydney.

Generation Playtime brings together older Australians, young children, and their families in a series of engaging and playful activities. These intergenerational Playgroup sessions serve as a platform for organic interactions and shared experiences, nurturing community connections and empowering older Australians to actively participate and contribute to their communities.

“We are thrilled to introduce Generation Playtime as a unique initiative to foster community connections and increase social participation among older Australians,” said Nadene Lee, CEO of Playgroup NSW. “The ABC Program Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds, which Playgroup organisations nationally were involved in, proved the value and immense benefit of engaging older Australians in experiences with younger people. Through Generation Playtime, we are now making these experiences more accessible for the broader population, creating a welcoming space for grandparent carers and older adults to engage with young children and their families, with the aim to strengthening relationships and creating local connections for all participants.”

See the schedule for session times below:

9th May Miranda Westfield – Mothers Day Play!
10th May Eastgardens Westfield – Mothers Day Play!
20th June Miranda Westfield – Playdough Monsters!
21st June Eastgardens Westfield – Playdough Monsters!
4th July Miranda Westfield – Playgroup Party
22nd August Miranda Westfield – Book week!
23rd August Eastgardens Westfield – Book Week
19th October Miranda Westfield – Activity to be confirmed
20th October Eastgardens Westfield – Activity to be confirmed
31st October Miranda Westfield – Grandparents Day
1st November Eastgardens Westfield – Grandparents Day
14th November Miranda Westfield – World Kindness Day
15th November Eastgardens Westfield – World Kindness Day

If you have an older friend you would like to bring along, or if you are an older Australian and would like to make connections in your local community, come along to one of the above sessions!

For more information, call our Member Services team on 1800 171 882.