Making Reading Fun For You and Your Child

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Listening to stories is a new experience for your child, and it may be a new experience for you, too. Here are a few pieces of ways to make the activity fun and interactive.

  • Start with short stories and strong pictures

Toddlers (and especially toddlers and babies) may have limited patience for stories, but you as a parent can develop their interest in books from a very early age. Babies will rarely concentrate on something for more than ten minutes, but they tend to be attracted to bright, colourful images.

Start with short stories printed on books with bold, bright pictures and repetitive words to catch their attention.

Useful tip: Read aloud to your child while snuggled close on your lap to build baby bonding time.

  • Choose the time of day that works best for you and your child

Reading is an activity that brings you closer to your child, therefore try to do it as often as you can. A good time of day when you can read to your child is before they go to sleep in the evening. It gives you a few more minutes to spend together and calms them down before sleep.

Useful tip: Let your child pick the story and keep it short (15-20 minutes). If your child is very tired snuggle close and let the rhythm of your voice soothe them.

  • Introduce the book to your child by pointing to the illustrations

You can even set the plot expectations by asking your child: “What do you think this story is about?” This lets their imagination go lose and it teaches them the basics of how to create a story themselves.

  • Practice reading aloud when you are alone

Try to make the story as interesting as possible by using different intonations for various scenes in the book, or for each character.

Useful tip: Whenever you are reading aloud, try not to hurry through the story. Allow your child enough time to process the information by varying the reading pace and encourage them to ask questions about the story.


Many parents might be afraid of looking foolish when reading aloud to their children, but with children, there is no such thing as being criticised. It is important to encourage reading from an early age, and with any material; talking to your child in their home language is also very important to support bonding and early literacy.

Luckily, there are a lots of resources available nowadays to make reading enjoyable both for you and your kids.

Remember, it's not about having the newest books, rather spending time talking and reading to your child using rhythm and repetition with pictures is what is important.

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