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Parenting Young Children

Taking care of a child in their first years of life is one of the most rewarding and challenging times in the life of a parent. As a parent, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or to get the impression that things are getting out of control when you have a young child. 

However, with the right knowledge and the right tools, parenting young children can become the most pleasant experience. 

You can create life lasting memories with your child simply by understanding your child's physical and psychological development and interacting with them accordingly. Of course, play is an important element in parenting young children and in teaching them various life lessons. But while taking care of your child, make sure you also take care of yourself. 

At Playgroup NSW, we understand that parenting young children is an entirely new experience to many parents and carers. In this section you will find a collection of useful information, tips and tricks to help you bond with your child.

  • Jellystone Designs

    Playgroup NSW are so excited to be partnering with Jellystone Designs; an innovative industry leader creating functional, safe and fun silicone teethers and ASD sensory friendly toys.

    Claire, is a mum of 3 young children, and is the driving force behind the ever-evolving innovative products at Jellystone Designs. 

    We sat down with mum and successful business owner Claire, to find out more about Jellystone Designs products and what makes them so special.

  • Plum Play

    Skidded knees, scabbed elbows and bumped heads were all normal parts of our childhood, but did you know that we were engaging in a type of learning experience called ‘adventure play’? Adventure play, also known as risky play, is defined as a challenging and thrilling form of play that involves a risk of physical injury. It is the kind of play that can create an opportunity to challenge and test kids’ limits and boundaries and learn about injury risk on their own.

  • Kinderling

    Calming your baby down is an important part of the night routine and often a little bit of gentle music plays a helpful role.
    A new study has looked into lullabies to see what they have in common and found contemporary songs that matched the same criteria – and the results will surprise you.

  • Raising Children Network

    Young children need to feel safe & secure to develop well in the early years. You can create a sense of safety in your family by being warm, loving & responsive. Talking with your child and helping them cope with distressing natural disaster news is part of this. Here are some tips on how to chat to your little ones.

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