Member Story June 2018: From New Mum to Committee Member

Playgroup NSW

Thu 21-Jun-18


Meet Clare, a Playgroup NSW member who went from new mum to committee member at the Junction Hill playgroup. With the assistance of Playgroup NSW, Clare found her way as a committee member. Now, she provides help to new mums and families in the country town of Grafton.

Clare was 8 months pregnant with her second child when she left all her friends and family behind in Newcastle to move into the country town of Grafton. She found herself in a new area where she didn’t know anything or anyone, besides her in-laws.

It was then when her mother-in-law decide to introduce her to the Junction Hill Playgroup. According to Clare, it was an amazing idea because being a new mum in a new town turned out to be a bit intimidating. “Attending the playgroup meetings was a wonderful and non-invasive way to get to know a people and get a feel for what the town was about,” Clare explains.

Soon, it became a weekly routine for Clare and her 2 years old daughter. They’d walk down to the playgroup and it was an absolute joy for her daughter. A year later, Clare took the next step and became a committee member of the playgroup. Joining the organisation’s leadership made her appreciate the playgroup even more.

But not everything was so easy. At first, Clare admits that her committee journey “was a complete turn over” and she wasn’t entirely sure of her work duties. However, she soon understood that she could find guidance and advice by simply calling Playgroup NSW.

Being part of a playgroup brings a sense of pride and community to Clare. She thinks that is quite important to learn together in our current digital era. “From my perspective,” says Clare, “I am afraid to get lost in this fast-paced world of technology, which is also a quality that I think is very important for our children to learn about.”

Moreover, she is highly appreciating of all the volunteers who make the playgroup possible. After all, they bring happy memories to so many families through different generations, from elders to adult parents and from children to babies.

From new mum to committee member, Clare is extremely happy and thankful to be part of the project. “Playgroup provides me with the opportunity to have a space to try and help first-time mums and mums new to the area feel comfortable, as it did for me.”

But that wouldn’t be possible without the precious help of Playgroup NSW. They have served as a playgroup mentor and assisted Clare throughout her journey. She couldn’t be more grateful: “Thank you Playgroup NSW for all you do and keeping the dream alive!”

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