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Wed 21-Nov-18


Check out our Hamilton South Baby Playgroup if you have a baby under one and are thinking of joining a playgroup

Every Tuesday from 10am to 12pm, Heidi meets with other new mums at Hamilton South Baby Playgroup. Quite often, they find themselves still chatting past noon time as there is something amazing about this playgroup.


How it all started

Hamilton South Baby Playgroup is a relatively new playgroup session formed just a few months ago. Heidi, the session leader found out about Hamilton South Community Playgroup in May 2018, when Jennifer Muir from Playgroup NSW gave a presentation to new parents in that area. Heidi and other mums in her mother’s group wanted to continue to meet up, with their babies, even though they had grown out of their mother’s group. It was a natural progression to transition this group into a playgroup. With the introduction from Jennifer, they managed to slot in a new Tuesday session dedicated for babies into the existing playgroup. Lauren, the coordinator of Hamilton South Community Playgroup was very welcoming, and the playgroup hall has been a joyous bubs hub every Tuesday morning ever since.


The space is dedicated for playgroup

Henry Park Hall hosting Hamilton South Community Playgroup is a dedicated facility for playgroup. The building is not used for any other activities. The room is set up with ready to go play stations. No pack up is required at the end of each session.

The hall has everything you need for all age groups including heaps of toys and books, craft and art supplies, a covered sandpit and outdoor play equipment, a kitchen stocked with tea and coffee and restroom facilities. Best of all, the entire place is enclosed with a child-safe gate. There’s nothing more relaxing to parents than a safe, fenced-in play space for their little explorers to wander.



And the baby playgroup has been thriving ever since

The baby playgroup session organised by Heidi is always full of activities such as dress ups, morning teas, and interesting craft for babies. “Heidi really puts the rest of the days to shame!” Lauren joked when telling us about the baby playgroup. Last Melbourne Cup, Heidi organised a breakfast for everyone and all the mothers had a fabulous time dressing up their babies.

Heidi considers this group as a little family of mums and bubs. She revealed that she has met her closest girlfriends through this playgroup.

Taking the welcoming spirit of Hamilton South Community Playgroup, the baby playgroup session is also a welcoming place for all babies and their parents. Heidi does encourage parents with more than one child to bring along their older children to play in her group.

If you have a baby under one and would like to join a baby playgroup, please contact Hamilton South Community Playgroup here and ask for Tuesday session. Hamilton Playgroup also run Monday, Thursday and Saturday playgroups and you’re welcomed to join any of these.

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