Numbers and Counting with DUPLO

Learning to count has never been so much fun!
Children learn naturally through play. They absorb and process all new information about this new world they’ve arrived in with all their senses. That’s how they relate to new concepts and make them tangible. There are so many ways for toddlers to learn to count with LEGO® DUPLO®.

Use bricks to sort and guide your little one to count

DUPLO My First Train is a great set to start your kid(s) on the counting game. While building the train, it’s best to encourage children to identify number blocks and call them by their names. Eg. This is number 2, Where is number 5?

Use DUPLO numbers guide and build each number using bricks

Download the DUPLO number colouring in sheets for a fun colouring time.

DUPLO number colouring sheet

DUPLO 1,2,3 colouring sheet

Simply assign each DUPLO brick number brick a task

For example: 1 = Turn around once, 2 = Jump up twice, etc. then take turns to pick a brick and complete the actions.

Watch the video to see the energetic game in practice!


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