Intergenerational Playgroup

The benefits of a playgroup for different generations is that the younger and the older generation get to develop the same cognitive processes. They can share different perspectives in life and unique experiences. It’s a quite stimulating type of play that allows everyone to exercise their brain in different types of thinking and playful engagement.

Playgroup NSW coordinates a variety of different playgroups, including Intergenerational Playgroups. From an intergenerational perspective, the older and younger generations get to develop the same cognitive processes. They exercise their brains in different ways of thinking and playful engagement, which benefits everyone who participate in the activities.

For the older generation, their well being and mood improves and they feel less isolated. Interacting and engaging with children can tremendously lift their spirits. On the other hand, for the younger generation it’s an exciting and fun experience to play with a whole new group of people with a different perspective on life.

For parents, there’s always something new to learn with the older generations, such as forgotten childhood stories. This playful and engaging experience benefits all generations at the same time.