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“post_id”: 8939,
“data”: {
“venue_name”: “Chester Hill Anglican Church”,
“venue_id”: “00198000005IeWUAA0”,
“venue_address”: “125 Proctor Parade, CHESTER HILL, NSW, 2162, Australia”,
“series”: [
“session_day”: “Wednesday”,
“series_type”: “General”,
“series_start_time_minute”: 0,
“series_start_time_hour”: 10,
“series_start_date”: “2023-08-16”,
“series_name”: “Wednesday”,
“series_end_time_minute”: 0,
“series_end_time_hour”: 12,
“series_end_date”: “2024-06-26”,
“salesforce_id”: “a2n98000000FopyAAC”,
“frequency”: “Weekly”
“salesforce_id”: “a2q980000000TLrAAM”,
“isPrivate”: false,
“introduction”: “Come join us for a fun morning of songs, instruments, books, bible stories and craft! Morning tea is provided. Everyone is welcome and it’s all free! We meet outdoors (weather permitting) and there is an outdoor fenced-in playground. There is parking available on site and the playgroup is walking distance from Chester Hill train station.”,
“group_name”: “Chester Hill Music and Playtime”,
“group_email”: “[email protected]”,
“active”: “true”