An attempt was made to update a playgroup via REST API /playgroup/v1

“data”: [
“venue_name”: “Blue Haven Public School”,
“venue_id”: “001Mo00000EU8xoIAD”,
“venue_address”: “37 Colorado Drive, Blue Haven, NSW, 2262, Australia”,
“series”: [
“session_day”: “Wednesday”,
“series_type”: “Disability/Developmental Delay”,
“series_start_time_minute”: 30,
“series_start_time_hour”: 9,
“series_start_date”: “2024-02-21”,
“series_name”: “Wednesday”,
“series_end_time_minute”: 0,
“series_end_time_hour”: 11,
“series_end_date”: “2024-12-18”,
“salesforce_id”: “a2nMo0000000zZlIAI”,
“frequency”: “Weekly”
“salesforce_id”: “a2qMo0000006vhxIAA”,
“isPrivate”: false,
“introduction”: “MyTime groups provide support for mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone caring for a child with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition 0-18 years”,
“group_name”: “Blue Haven MyTime”,
“group_email”: “[email protected]”,
“active”: “true”
“salesforce_id”: “a2qMo0000006vhxIAA”