Play Strong

Connecting and creating pathways to preschool

What it is 

The Play Strong Program is a supported playgroup that is funded by the department of education’s Start Strong Pathways grant. The PlayStrong program operates under three key objectives:

  • Providing a high-quality early learning program with a curriculum that is informed by the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Providing capacity building and empowering parents and carers to continue early education in the home through our evidence-based PEEP program.
  • Connecting and creating pathways to preschool or connecting families with other early education services. 

Who is it for 

Play Strong is for children ages 0-5 who are looking to become involved in an early education service.

Why is it important

The Play Strong program is designed to provide a holistic approach to Early Childhood Education to educate and empower parents and carers as well as the children.

The program seeks to provide an accessible service to vulnerable members of the community and those who may experience barriers to involvement with traditional early learning services. 

It is our goal to provide an inclusive and diverse program that encourages families from all walks of life to engage in early education and learning to give all children the best start to their learning journeys.

How does it make an impact

The Play Strong program targets families and children who may have barriers to attending traditional education and care services, our program gives these children and families the opportunity to feel supported and to gain access to early education to get the best start to education they possibly can. 

In 2023 Play Strong has provided an early education service for over 4255 children ages 0-5 in NSW

We have provided our parent support program to 854 parents/carers to encourage capacity building and empowerment to continue early education within the home.

Surveys over 2022 and 2023 found that families gave an average score of 8 out of 10 in their response to the following questions:

  • Since attending a Play Strong playgroup do you feel your relationship with your child has improved?
  • Have you seen improvements in your child’s social skills (listening, talking, sharing) since attending a Play Strong playgroup? 
  • Since attending a Play Strong playgroup, do you have a better understanding of the importance of early childhood education?
  • Are you feeling more confident in engaging and creating learning opportunities for your children in the home environment, since partaking in a Play Strong playgroup? 

What families say

"It's a great opportunity to meet other parents, play with my child in a fun environment and observe how he plays by himself and with his peers. I cannot access this kind of experience any other way at present (ie cost, location, friend availability)."

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful service. We thoroughly enjoy coming every week. The teachers are always happy and helpful and engage with each and every child, and make them feel special and included. It's always fun and always educational. Thank you."

‘Such great family support. Lovely warm and welcoming feel with lots of flexibility. Different opportunities for my baby and myself and husband to attend and make friends.’

"We really enjoying going there and interacting with other mums & kids. Educators always prepare very interesting activities."

"Honestly amazing there! My kids love going there every Tuesday and every other day my son always asks to go and get upset when he can’t. 10,000% recommend."

"Play Strong is a great community initiative to bring families and children together. It’s been wonderful to be part of this community and allow my kids to meet and learn and play together with so many other wonderful kids."

Contact Details

To learn more about the Play Strong program please contact us on [email protected]

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