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Parenting Babies

Having a baby is a life changing experience for most parents. As a parent, you find yourself living a life that is different from everything you have experienced before - and that is a good thing. While your baby's needs comes first, that doesn't mean that your life should be put on pause. 

In this section you can find useful tips on how to connect with your baby from their first moments of life so you can make the most of this magical time. At the same time, you can read more on how you can take care of yourself while raising a baby and finding a balance between parenthood and adulthood. 

Finally, here is where you can read more about what other parents with babies say about the benefits of playgroup. Being able to socialise with someone who is in a similar situation as yours is by far the top benefit for parents to attend playgroup, but this is not all...

  • Playgroup NSW

    Parents suffering from perinatal depression can find support in dedicated or community playgroups. Click to find out more.

  • Responsible Pet Ownership Program

    Research has linked the important relationship between children and pets to companionship, empowering responsibility and empathy. The ‘We Are Family’ program helps inform expectant parents of the potential risks and provides them with the knowledge and skills to ensure that the child /pet relationship is not only an enriching one, but a safe one as well. 

  • Playgroup NSW

    In this video, a mother who attends the Lakemba Indonesian Playgroup with her baby and son who is a few years older, explains how, for her older child, going to playgroup since he was a baby, has helped prepare him for starting school soon.

  • Raising Children Network

    Talking with your baby helps with bonding and it also helps them to learn and develop language and communication skills. Watch this video to find out some practical ways you can use to connect with your 7-17 month year old baby.

  • Raising Children Network

    Bonding with your child can take different shapes, depending on the stage of development your child is at. This video will help you learn some everyday practical ways you can use to connect and communicate with your 0-6 month old baby.


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Check out our Playgroups who are looking for families to join them.

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Playgroup NSW, the peak body representing playgroups across NSW, is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting families and strengthening local communities through playgroups.

Play Activities

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Children love playing with balls of all shapes and sizes. And with good reason: balls are great for group play, organised sports or just playing by yourself. They are also suitable for a variety of age groups (from babies to children and even adults).

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Mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue, answers one of Kinderling Radio listener’s question on how to keep their child safe on the ground.

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