Playing with your 6-9 months old baby - three games to play

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At this age babies start to become more mobile – crawling around, rolling on the floor and using objects to pull themselves up on their feet. Playtime takes on a new dimension as babies develop motor skills enabling them to explore their surroundings in ways that weren’t previously possible, allowing them to experience new activities through play. 

Where’s Teddy?

Hide a toy in one room of the house and carry your baby from room to room saying, “Where’s teddy?” and telling him what rooms you are looking in. Clap and be excited when you find teddy together.

Roll the ball

Roll a soft, brightly coloured ball to your baby and teach her how to stop it and push it back to you.

Noise and movement

Fill different sized empty plastic bottles that will roll with small/colourful/noisy things, for example, bells, scrunched coloured paper, sand, rice or small stones. Secure lids tightly with several rounds of masking tape.

Playgroup NSW has a number of playgroups specifically for families with babies up to 12 months old and babies are also welcome at our hundreds of general community playgroups throughout NSW. Find a playgroup now.


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