Fabric Scraps Posting Game

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Recommend for: Cognitive, Gross Motor, Baby,

Categories: Baby Play,Sensory

Summary: Babies love exploring their surroundings and interacting with new objects, textures, scents and tastes. By pulling together different scraps of fabrics, you can create a wonderful sensory experience for your baby. The activity is ideal for developing motor skills, spatial awareness and problem solving. So join your baby on the floor and show him how to explore.

NOTE: It's important to supervise your baby to ensure they don’t ingest pieces of fabric.


All you need for this activity are:

  • An empty wipes box - we recommend one that makes a popping sound (Make sure it isn’t a slot where children can get fingers trapped. e.g.: the pull out wipe boxes)
  • A variety of scrap fabrics

Choose from fabrics like burlap, cotton, satin, checked cloth, linen and no sew fleece for a diversified sensory experience.


  • Cut out different pieces of fabric: the pieces should be assorted, but not too big. For example: by 10/10, 20/20 or 30/30 cm.
  • Add the pieces of fabric to the wipe box
  • Open the box and pull a piece out to show your baby
  • Watch as they study the fabric with their eyes, hands and mouths
  • Encourage the baby to put the pieces back into the box
  • Interact with your baby during the game by asking about the item, how it feels and where the item has gone
Bonus tip: How about adding a contact paper to the mix?
  • Attach the contact paper (sticky side facing out) to a wall using blu tack.
  • Encourage your baby to stick pieces of fabric to it
  • Show your baby how to pull them off
  • Watch as he reaches, explores, adds and removes the pieces

The Fabrics Scraps is a great way to be playful with your baby. For more fun activities, keep checking back with us or join your nearest Playgroup.

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