It’s Baby Story Time!

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Summary: People often think babies are too young for books, since they can’t read. But there’s no such thing as “too young for books”!

It’s Baby Story Time!


Even if they can’t read, babies love to hear your voice as you tell them captivating stories. The highs and lows of your voice can help them follow the intensity of a story.

 Here are some fun ways to make story time a fantastic reading activity for your baby:

  • Sit the baby on your lap and hold them close. Do you have some baby books with lots of pictures? Perfect! Simply look at the pictures and talk about what they represent.
  • Even if they can't read the words yet, your baby can still be involved in the story. Talking about what you see in the pictures will help your baby with their language development.
  • Just getting your baby used to the concept of books is fantastic! They can see how the pages turn and how the story has a beginning and an end. Slowly, as they’ll grow up, books might become second nature.
  • Reading doesn’t have to be an indoor activity. Find a cosy spot under a tree outside and it can become an outdoor adventure!

  • You can tell your baby stories even without a book. Don’t be afraid to create your own stories. Alternatively, go with the classic nursery rhymes and songs. That sing-song voice and rhyming are fantastic for early oral language and literacy skills. Be as creative as you can!

  • Is your family multicultural? That’s great! Don’t worry about having to read or talk in a particular language. It’s fantastic for your child to hear stories in more than one language. They are lucky because it helps their brains’ neurons connect in a complex way.

Your baby is ready for some fun reading time, regardless of how old they are. Read to your baby as much as you can and in any language you can. The main goal is to talk and interact with each other.

Make reading part of your child’s ritual of going to bed. They will enjoy and cherish that special time.

Activity from Cat Sewell - Playgroup NSW's PlayThinker In Residence

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