How To Create A Baby Sensory Play Area

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Summary: Babies are very sensory. They love touching things and getting everything in their mouth. It’s how they use their senses to explore the world around them. Therefore, sensory play is perfect for babies! It helps them discover and explore not only the world, but also their senses. Babies need little things to keep them entertained while playing. They need you, other children to interact with and a few simple items for sensory stimulation. That’s about it.

How to create a sensory play area for your baby?


First, find a quiet and safe corner. This will be the spot for your sensory area. You’ll also need a soft mat and some colourful cushions.

Your baby sensory area is starting to come together now. Wonderful!

Here are a few other fun items you can add to guarantee your child will have the best time playing in their sensory corner.

  • Mirrors, especially if you can find those that aren’t made of glass. Babies can spend hours enjoying them. They love looking at themselves and the rest of the world in the mirror. It’s quite mesmerising! 
  • Toys with high contrast colours, or even just black and white.

  • Find toys with different textures, items like:
    • rubber spiky balls
    • hessian mats
    • colorful scarves
    • netting from on orange or mandarin bag
  • Sensory play isn’t just visual or tactile, it’s also auditory. Listen to the sounds in the room. Singing and talking are also fantastic for babies, because it helps with their language development.

  • Make sounds with wooden spoons, shakers, or anything else you have around.

Try out this fun play activity!

Find a container and put all sorts scarves in it. Being able to put them in and out can be so entertaining for babies! There’s also a lot of stimulation going on in their little brains when they do that.

Safety advice: You don’t need to fence off an area for your baby’s sensory play space. Babies need to interact with other children in order to develop their social skills early on. Consider using a corner instead. The space will not be in the way of other activities or active toddlers playing. Just keep them close by so you can easily keep an eye on them. Win-win.

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