What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

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Recommend for: Cognitive, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Preschooler,

Categories: Outdoor

Summary: “What’s the Time Mr Wolf?” is a great game to play outdoor, but if it is raining it can also be played in a spacious indoor area.

As a pre-activity children can make some wolf ears or a wolf tail for the Wolf to wear.

  1. One person is designated to be the Wolf (this can be done in any way you like)
  2. The Wolf stands about 4 meters in front of everyone else with their back turned to the group
  3. Group calls out “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”
  4. The Wolf calls out a time (e.g.4 o’clock)
  5. Everyone then walks forward that number of steps while counting out loud
  6. Group calls out again “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”
  7. The Wolf responds with a different time
  8. The game continues as above until the group is close to the Wolf and he responds to “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” with “Dinner Time!”
  9. Group then turns and runs with the Wolf chasing them trying to catch someone
  10. The person caught is the next Wolf

Another favourite we play at the Monday Monkeys in Arncliffe. Even the Under two's get excited trying to hold there fingers up and saying the correct time. But of course the best part is running away screaming before the wolf catches them.

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