It’s Music Time!

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Summary: Children adore music! The more you can include it in their lives, the better. It’s fun, it gives children an opportunity to move and dance around, even sing… or shout. Either way, any day is a good day to enjoy some music with your children.


It’s Music Time!

Here are some ideas to start your music time activity.

  • Simply listening to music on the radio or on your phone and singing along songs you already know can be fun. Why not get out there and dance a bit?
  • Children love to be involved in making music. You can give them a chance to create music either by playing instruments or by singing. Your child’s voice is an instrument they’re carrying around all the time. They can always create art!
  • Make some shakers! They can be fantastic percussion instruments. Don’t be afraid to make your own instruments, they’re the best!
  • Dancing with scarves is also mesmerising for children! They love how the colourful scarves float around as they move around the room.
  • Not sure what songs to sing? Start with the classic songs like “Twinkle, twinkle”. They’ve stuck around for a reason. Children of all ages love them!

Don’t worry about how good or bad you think your voice is. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in key. Children will always jump at the opportunity to sing along. The most important thing is you’re enjoying it!

Tip: If you’re doing “music time” at playgroup, sit in a circle so you can all see each other and interact. The children will feel that wonderful feeling of togetherness. Try it!

Activity from Cat Sewell - Playgroup NSW's PlayThinker In Residence

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