Chalk And Water Art Activity

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Summary: Art activities are so much fun! They challenge children to think outside the box and express themselves in their own creative ways. Art activities aren’t just for indoor play. You can get creative outside just as well! Get some chalk and water. Now go outside and have some fun!


Chalk and water play activity ideas

The great outdoors can be an amazing canvas for your child’s creative doodles.

Let’s discover some fun ways to play with chalk and water outside:

  • Choose the perfect canvas for your art. It can be the pavement outside your house, a brick wall or your sidewalk.
  • Let your child draw freely on the pavement. It’s such a simple way to have lots of fun!
  • Make a game out of it. You can draw and then play the classic hopscotch. Join your child in their play, you’ll both have a blast!
  • Why not draw on the walls? The simple fact of being allowed to draw on walls can entertain your child. Try it and notice the surprise and satisfaction on their little faces.
  • Make your own paint! Grind up some chalk and add a bit of water until it turns into a paste. Now get creative!
  • Or paint with water, no colours. Just get an old paintbrush and a bucket of water. Children will spend hours painting the fence, the ground, a tree trunk… anything really. The best thing about painting with water is that it doesn’t stain.
  • Add some paper and a paintbrush and you have a whole new activity!
  • Try to incorporate big movements in your drawing activity. It’s a great exercise for your child’s motor skills. And the drawings will turn out fantastic!


Tip: Don’t worry about making mistakes  when drawing with chalk. By adding a few drops of water, you can easily erase them. Remember, art is about courage and creativity. Encourage your little one not to worry about mistakes, they’re part of the creative process.

       Always try a test on a small area of the surface and wash it off first. Just in case it can't be wash off later!

Why not give this activity a try? Don’t worry about the mess. If the children get a little bit of chalk on their hands or clothes, you can just dust it off. That sort of mess is not a problem.

Go outside and have fun!

Try this activity with Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Sticks


Activity from Cat Sewell - Playgroup NSW's PlayThinker In Residence

Playgroup NSW

Dear Helen,

Thank you for your feedback. This is a good idea to add this information to the website to test the surface first for washing off later. If somehow, you already had the drawing on the wall,  please try to use some warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush. Please always do a test on a small space to ensure it doesn’t damage the brick work first.

Playgroup NSW

Helen Al Hariri

This is a fun idea, but there’s no mention of how to remove the chalk. My children have had fun writing on our plain brick walls in chalk, and I was surprised to find that it didn’t actually just wash off! Better luck on our pavers.... I think the activity description should include a ‘test on a non visible part of the house first’ type warning.

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