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Parenting Young Children

Taking care of a child in their first years of life is one of the most rewarding and challenging times in the life of a parent. As a parent, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or to get the impression that things are getting out of control when you have a young child. 

However, with the right knowledge and the right tools, parenting young children can become the most pleasant experience. 

You can create life lasting memories with your child simply by understanding your child's physical and psychological development and interacting with them accordingly. Of course, play is an important element in parenting young children and in teaching them various life lessons. But while taking care of your child, make sure you also take care of yourself. 

At Playgroup NSW, we understand that parenting young children is an entirely new experience to many parents and carers. In this section you will find a collection of useful information, tips and tricks to help you bond with your child.

  • Kinderling Kids Radio

    To children, all experiences are new. Therefore, they may overreact to positive feelings and they may not know how to react to negative feelings such as anger, frustration, guilt, or disappointment. While you can support your child to succeed in life, it is equally important to teach them how to cope with the things they cannot control. Here are eight ways you can teach your child resilience and build on their strong character.

  • Kinderling Kids Radio

    Nowadays it would be almost impossible to restrict your children from using digital tools. To them, the digital world is as natural as a tree on the side of the road. However, as parents, we must ensure that our children don’t become dependent on technology to soothe them or calm them down when they are bored or angry. Read children’s tech expert, Dr Kristy Goodwin’s smart and simple ways to manage screen time at home.

  • Playgroup NSW

    Were your children excited about this year's Olympic Games? Why not host your own Olympic Games, right in your backyard?

    To make it easy for you, we have prepared for you a list of everything an Olympic event might need: from an event checklist and suggested games, to printable medals.

    See if your favourite activities made our list.

  • Playgroup NSW

    It is great for children to be introduced to the world of books as early in their lives as possible. We all know reading aloud to children is a good thing, and for as much as time allows, we should read to them every day - whether you are reading out loud a magazine, the newspaper, or a children’s book (even 10 minutes a day).

    Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are - a lesson you can teach your child as soon as they come into this world. In celebration of Book Week, we picked three shortlisted books you can read aloud to your child. Discover the bonus tips at the end on how to make reading fun for both you and your child.
  • Responsible Pet Ownership Program

    Research has linked this important relationship of children and pets to companionship, empowering responsibility and empathy. However, not all childhood experiences with dogs are positive ones.   The ‘We Are Family’ program helps inform expectant parents of the potential risks and provides them with the knowledge, skills and strategies to ensure that the child /pet relationship is not only a physically and emotionally enriching one, but importantly a safe one as well. 

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