Eleven Fun Winter Play Ideas To Try At Playgroup And At Home

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Winter can become a challenging season when it comes to finding new fun play ideas for your child. Those cold and chilly days may present a creativity block for parents.

But there is no such thing as getting bored on a winter’s day, as long as you are armed with play ideas, you and your child will still have lots of fun.

Here are some fun play ideas to revive your winter routine.

1. Equipped with some gumboots and a rain coat, your child is ready to explore

Nature is meant to be explored, no matter the weather.

Rainy days have their own charm. Enjoy those cool crisp winter days with your child. Equipped with the right clothing essentials, your child is ready to get out and explore all the wonders winter has to offer.

Let them stomp in mud and puddles, collect sticks, leaves and feathers (you can use these items for a fun indoor activity explained further below). If the sun is out, take advantage of the warm winter sunlight, it can give your child some much-needed vitamin D.

2. Throw an indoor dance party in your lounge room

A great way to use up some pent up energy!

Play some music and dance around with your child in the living room or in the kitchen. They might find some of their own “musical instruments” in the kitchen.

Let them have fun, dance and be loud… (but not too loud!).

3. Play with ping pong balls

All children love playing with balls. The bouncier they are, the better.

4. Build indoor forts

You know what’s better than outdoor forts?

That’s right, indoor forts.

Your children will love this idea, regardless of their age. So, get all your cushions and blankets out and build a warm and cosy tent with your children.


5. Cook with your child

Winter is the perfect time to include toddlers into your cooking activity. Apart from developing fine motor skills, cooking can provide great a language development opportunity. While you cook, talk about measuring, mixing, pouring, rolling, and all the ingredients. Yes, it will be messy - but that’s half the fun!

You can start with one of these simple and healthy lunch ideas or try this double chocolate healthy treat.  

6. Decorate bare trees with string and paper leaves

Get out all the tree branches, leaves, feathers and other nature treasures your little adventurer collected from their outdoor explorations.

Your child can use their nature supplies to make a fun nature decoration for one of your blank walls in the house. Or try this branch waving activity.

7. Ice excavation

Find a plastic container and fill it with water. Add in some small plastic toys, large coins, gumnuts, or any other small item (just make sure they are not small enough to be a choking hazard for smaller children).

Freeze your plastic container and give it to your child along with an old wooden spoon to chip away and excavate the items from ice.

8. Nature trivia walk

Go out on a walk with your child, even if the weather is gloomy.

Winter gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about the changes they observe. You can ask questions like:

  • Do you remember the shape the leaves were on this tree?
  • Do you remember what colour the flowers were on this plant?

9. Put on an indoor puppet show

Use whatever you have close by to make your puppets. Use a sock or a cardboard paper roll… be creative.


Get inspired with this puppet play activity.

10. Play in the rain

Some of the best play doesn’t involve any toys or equipment. Let nature and good old fashioned fun be the source of laughter.

11. Play with LED torches, make shadows with your hands and body

Babies particularly enjoy playing with colourful lights. So get your LED torches out and have some fun.

You can angle the lamp so you can play with shadows on the wall. If the child is older, they can hold the torch.

NOTE: Watch out for strong LED torches, as they are too bright if shone in eyes.

With the help of a simple sheet, you can create a whole shadow show. Give it a try!

Try these fun activities with other parents and children!

Join a local playgroup, meet new people and make new friends. Let your child have tons of fun in the company of other same-age children. Try our the funnest play activities together.


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