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Playgroup Stories

Playgroups are all about creating unforgettable experiences for children, parents and carers. And with hundreds of playgroups across NSW, there are plenty of stories to be told!

Whether we are celebrating a special holiday or just attending a regular day at a local playgroup, our volunteers and members make the most of the time they spend together. Children are actively engaged in meaningful activities, parents socialise, friendships are born and smiles are shared - and this section is dedicated to showing you the joy of attending playgroup. 

Join us in our journey to discover the beauty of every playgroup!

  • The Maitland Mercury

    Fri 03-Feb-17

    Morpeth Playgroup is making a conscious stance to embrace the diversity and multiculturalism in the Maitland community through a new social development project.

  • Playgroup NSW

    Thu 27-Oct-16

    Lakemba Indonesian Playgroup is an Indonesian group that provides a perfect opportunity for Indonesian mothers to feel at home and introduce their little ones to their cultural heritage and background. They connect with each other by singing Indonesian songs or reading books. Take a look at this video to catch a little glimpse of what’s happening every week at Lakemba Playgroup.

  • Playgroup NSW

    Thu 27-Oct-16

    This year, Grandparents Day in Australia will be celebrated on 30th October. This special day celebrates the role older people play in our society and focuses on recognising the diversity grandparents bring into relationships across age groups, cultural backgrounds and geographic locations. Grandparents Day is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with an older loved one and connect across generations.

  • Playgroup NSW

    Fri 14-Oct-16

    North Curl Curl Playgroup is one of those places where you go and have fun all day long. We recently visited the playgroup and were thrilled to see so many children attend with their parents and carers.

  • Playgroup NSW

    Thu 13-Oct-16

    Father's Day is on September 4th so we decided to celebrate the event with a video we took at one of the playgroups in NSW. 

    If you want to join a playgroup or find a playgroup in your area, visit www.playgroupnsw.org.au

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