Playgroup of the Month - North Wagga Rainbow Playgroup (March 2017)

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Fri 31-Mar-17


Located in the warm and welcoming community of North Wagga, the North Wagga Rainbow Playgroup is flourishing, with new members and new children joining every year.

We selected the North Wagga Rainbow Playgroup as playgroup of the month - and the reasons are numerous.

This is how it all started

It all began with their successful grant application in the 2016 Wagga Wagga City Council Community grants.

From then on, the group has been proactive in all their projects. To start with, their venue had no indoor space, but that didn’t stop them. They quickly took the necessary action to fix this issue. The playgroup’s goal was that parents, carers and children would be able to meet regardless of weather conditions.

The problem was quickly addressed so now, come rain or shine, the members gather together at North Wagga Rainbow Playgroup for a full session of fun and games.

With the regional launch of the Playgroup NSW’s Play Baby initiative in Wagga Wagga in November 2016, the North Wagga Rainbow Playgroup encouraged more parents and carers with babies to join the playgroup. They created a special “Baby Corner”, where families with babies could join the playgroup experience. The babies’ corner offers the security of a “baby only” area for babies who are not yet up to the fun and games of the older children.

This resulted in an important growth for the group. Now, they welcome new families each week and the attendants’ feedback has been fantastic.

North Wagga Playgroup

The North Wagga Playgroup is a cosy, welcoming group. They offer a cheerful playgroup experience not only to North Wagga locals, but also to families living nearby (in Central Wagga, Estella and Boorooma). 

North Wagga Rainbow Playgroup enjoys a perfect location, right next door to the local preschool and around the corner from the local primary school. It makes it easier to create lasting connections with other families and children from the schools in the area. 

The attending families have often highlighted the meaningful, much-needed social support and networking experience that playgroup provides. Add to the mix the fun activities for children and social connections for both children and carers, and it is truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

North Wagga parents and children love their playgroup

If you visit North Wagga playgroup you will discover it is more than just a playgroup: you will see a united community where parents and carers support each other. They care for each other, establish friendships and encourage their children to bond in meaningful play.

We asked the parents and carers several questions about their experience at playgroup, and they answered…

What do you love to do at playgroup?

  • “It’s a place to come and be able to interact with other parents”
  • “We love to promote independent play for the children and try to cater for all age groups” (baby, toddler, preschool)
  • “Playgroup is very ‘therapeutic’ for parents”
  • “It’s a reason to get out of the house

What are the benefits of attending playgroup?

  • “It’s a great chance for both parents and children to interact with their peers
  • “The kids love it
  • “It’s a welcoming environment, accessible to all families”

Some of the challenges you had to overcome?

  • Low member numbers has been a natural concern, but with the group being able to meet all year round now, we are hoping to see a consistency with the number of attendees this year.” 
  • “The council grant assisted with starting the upgrade to the venue. We have also run fundraisers to assist with rent and resources.”
  • “The weather in Wagga can go from one extreme to another, which has been another challenge for us. Fortunately, the addition of the outdoor blinds has allowed us to meet comfortably in all weather conditions.”

North Wagga Rainbow Playgroup is a constant and strong support for the community of North Wagga, providing social support for the parents and a fun, enjoyable experience for babies and children.

North Wagga Rainbow Playgroup is friendly and welcoming. If you are thinking about joining a local playgroup, they would love to meet you and your baby. Join the Wagga Rainbow Playgroup here or find a playgroup near you.

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