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Thu 27-Apr-17


Haven’t joined a playgroup yet? Lindfield Playgroup might be just perfect for you. There are a ton of reasons to attend this playgroup - it was quite a challenge to limit ourselves when writing about them!

Read more to see why this welcoming playgroup was chosen as our April 2017 Playgroup of the Month.

Lindfield Playgroup started in 2015. They are located in a beautiful suburb on the Upper North Shore of Sydney. Back in 2015, there were only a handful of families attending… but now 38 families meet at this playgroup every week!

Lindfield Playgroup

This playgroup gathers weekly at Lindfield Uniting Church. They consider themselves extremely lucky to enjoy a rent free venue each week. Therefore, all the session fees collected are reinvested back into the group.

Lindfield Playgroup’s goal is updating their book collection and creating a comfortable and relaxing reading space for children, parents and carers. They started by using their funds to purchase a children’s bookshelf.

Next on their list are soft cushions that will ultimately transform the space into a quiet reading nook. We can’t wait for the big reveal!

It’s all about communication

Lindfield Playgroup prides itself on its diversity. They offer a warm welcoming and inclusive environment for new families.

Did you know…? It is not just mums who attend this group, their members include grandparents and dads as well. They are some of the regulars, actually. Here, you can enjoy diversity at its best!

“I love attending playgroup with my grandchildren, watching them play and interact with other children,” says one of the members. Spending time with grandchildren is a pleasant activity for grandparents, especially when there are other adults around with whom they can socialise. Another grandparent notices that, “It is a great group for all families, inclusive for grandparents.”

Another parent highlights the image of unity in diversity for this playgroup when they say that, “Everyone brings different skills.”

What drives the success of this wonderful group? Open communication. There is good communication between the committee and all attending families. And it works: tested and true.

“Families weren’t coming to playgroup on time,” recalls the playgroup organiser, “as they were stopping for a coffee on their way to our weekly meetings. So one of the grandparents thought of a perfect solution - they brought in a coffee machine. Now everyone enjoys a proper refreshing coffee at playgroup.”

How did members manage to have such a strong communication at their playgroup?

They created their own Facebook page that encourages all families to join.

It also allows the coordinator to share their playgroup schedule, so families know what to expect each week. They organise social, child-free dinners with the parents with the goal of strengthening the connections between their members. 

Lindfield Playgroup encourages all families to participate in the day-to-day playgroup activities. “We love doing craft, story time and the children love to dance,” says one of the members. Each week, there many parents gather to assist with the fun activities. With such dedicated attendees, no wonder they are so successful.

Lindfield Playgroup parents and children love their playgroup

If you choose to pay them a visit you will be impressed by the warm welcome they will give you. It is obvious their group is more than just a weekly meeting, is a community.

“Playgroup builds the community,” says one of the parents. And other people notice that, too. “Playgroup feels like a family,” says one of the members, while another parent is thrilled that, “Everyone has the opportunity to participate and help out.”

The friendships that blossomed over the years provide a warm environment that you cannot help but notice immediately.

We asked the parents and carers a few questions about their experience at playgroup.

When asked what they love most about playgroup, some of the children replied firmly, “Parachute time!” while others favourite activities include “Playing] outside with my friends when the sun is shining.”

Again, the idea of unity and community pop up with another member’s emphasis on the proactive spirit of this playgroup. “A couple of years ago,” they say, “there was no one helping us set up, pack away or organise playgroup tasks. We implemented a ‘paddle pop stick’ system where attendees would grab a stick with an allocated task. It worked so well! Now people know which tasks need to be done each week, so there is no need for sticks anymore!”

Lindfield Playgroup provides a strong support for their local community. Apart from the fun activities children get to experience here, they also provide social support for the parents and carers. As one parent noticed, ““My child is only 2 and a half and playgroup helps with his social behaviour (learning to share and take turns).”

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with the families at Lindfield Playgroup. It can be the perfect environment for you and your child. If you are thinking about joining a local playgroup, they would love to meet you and your baby. Join the Lindfield Playgroup here or find a playgroup near you.

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