Playgroup of the Month: Les Petits Loups

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Wed 04-Jul-18


Our amazing playgroups are spread all over NSW. This month we celebrate a playgroup located on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, in Lane Cove.


All eyes are on Les Petits Loups Playgroup!

We are completely crushing on the cuteness of the “little wolves” (translated from the French “petits loups”). This playgroup has been set up by the local French families who aim to sustain and teach their children to embrace their culture and unique heritage.

Let’s find more about this one-of-a-kind French playgroup.

Est-ce que tu parles Français? (Do you speak French?)

Initiated not long ago by volunteers in the area, this playgroup is dedicated to sustaining all French families of Lane Cove and the surrounding area. Its mission is to provide an engaging environment for children to establish healthy friendships and learn to speak their native language.

Every French-speaking individual interested in preserving their francophone culture is more than welcome at Les Petits Loups Playgroup.

The golden rule of this playgroup is: French only! They strongly believe this method enable children to improve their French speaking skills in no time.

Et voilà! Some of their favourite activities...

…are meaningful interaction, fun play and creative activities.

The sessions are held in French and some of the entertaining activities include:

● arts & crafts
● storytelling
● singing

Les Petits Loups also offers a great French library to all its member to enjoy, with a small refundable deposit.

When, where and how?

The members of Les Petits Loups Playgroup meet twice a week, on Wednesday and Thursday mornings during school term. They all gather up in a cosy room looking out to a light-filled backyard at the back of the church, where an abundance of fun play activities take place.

If you are French or speak French and keen to connect with like-minded French families in Sydney, visit Les Petits Loups’ Facebook page or contact them here.

If you’re not part of the Playgroup NSW community yet, find a Playgroup near you and join us now!


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