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Wed 02-May-18


Lake Albert Playgroup is featured as Playgroup of the month. Find out their secret to creating a welcoming environment for all their carers, parents and children attending their playgroup in this article. 

Lake Albert Playgroup opens its doors six times a week for all its members, doing a terrific job in developing close family bonds and providing some of the most diverse playgroup activities. Located in the suburb of Lake Albert in Wagga Wagga, the playgroup is one of the fastest growing in a small community.

Lake Albert Playgroup is all about community

The group has grown to running five sessions a week but its membership has recently increased to having two sessions on Mondays and a consistent number of attendees the remaining three days.

They also have a dedicated family day care session that greets up to four to five day carers a week, and one baby group, gathering a consistent number of four to eight families per meeting.

One of the most impressive things about this playgroup is that its members are very proactive in seeking ways to grow and improve their environment, so much so that they were successful in receiving a local government grant to replace the flooring and paint. The playgroup already had an indoor and outdoor area well-equipped as the space was previously a child care centre, with age-appropriate wash basins and toilets for the kids.

Their secret to community grant program success?

We spoke with Christa, the Lake Albert Playgroup coordinator since November 2017 and an active member of the community for the last two years. We asked her about the group’s success in being awarded community grants. She tells us that the first step is to just be aware of the the grants your local council offers, then apply! r On their first application, Lake Albert Playgroup was awarded enough money to install a sustainable and natural floor covering – linoleum.

This successful grant program encouraged her to apply for another one to get new floor mats that will help reduce sound while indoors. Christa’s advice to other playgroups intending to apply with the council for the community program is:

Make sure what you’re asking for is relevant for your group and the community you’re based in, as getting larger sums of money can be very hard sometimes.”

Christa is a firm believer in the advantages of new digital methods and social media. She advocates for the use of crowdsourcing platforms such as GoFundMe, which she plans on starting soon.

To celebrate the success of their grant program, the community followed-up with a promo event, attended by a local news station.

Favourite activities during playtime

With such a variety of sessions throughout the week, Lake Albert Playgroup focuses on providing exactly what the community is looking for. In other words, each playgroup is focused on a different subject, whether it’s arts and crafts, water play or exploring the outdoor.

One of the highlights of this group is the flexibility families have when choosing what they want their children to do. Christa wanted to make sure their playgroup activities showcase exactly what the membership want.

Lake Albert Playgroup is the perfect place to create lifelong friendships

Apart from creating a welcoming and fun-filled environment for children, Lake Albert Playgroup has its own local mothers’ group. This is truly exciting because, with all the competing activities in the area, there are none to provide mothers with a place where they can bring their children and develop strong relationships with other parents, at the same time.

Lake Albert Playgroup fills the void of ensuring members can turn their membership into lifelong friendships.

Do you want to join Lake Albert Playgroup?

A lot of the members get in touch with the playgroup by participating with their families at the Welcome to Wagga event, which is hosted by the Department of Defence. This is a great opportunity for Defence families to get to know their local area and gain information about the services and support available for them.

You can join Lake Albert Playgroup here, or check out their Facebook page here

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