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Fri 16-Mar-18


Located on the northern coast of North South Wales, Kings Street Playgroup Coffs Harbour opens its doors every Wednesday and Friday between 10 am - 12 pm to all its members.

It all started …

...12 years ago, when Banana coast zone took over King Street Playgroup from Tiny tots and did a letter drop in the local area to see if anyone would like to take over the running of the building and the playgroup.

Rhonda Davis and Robyn Stewart were in charge of a family day care centre at the time. They managed to pull the community together to get the playgroup up and running from scratch. A lot of parents from the family day care used their connections with local businesses and donated paint, cupboards, chairs and cabinets.

Active members from the local community joined in, investing their time selflessly, trying their best to run the playgroup. They stick to their values in order to prepare the children for their social and educational life ahead.

In 2017, Robyn and Rhonda handed over the baton to Leanne (the current playgroup coordinator). There has been a lot of wear and tear over the years and there always seems to be some work needed to be done! But ultimately, the playgroup is doing the best for all the families who attend.

King Street Playgroup is determined to keep going and keep their playgroup the lovely place it’s always been.

A welcoming community

King Street is a small friendly playgroup with a committed team of volunteers who makes the playgroup an enjoyable, clean, fun and friendly environment.

Why attend King Street Playgroup?

Because it provides all of the benefits mentioned below and then some more for both you and your child:

● a lovely space with lots of toys and activities for the children
● kids are able to play in a safe and fun environment
● an amazing place for kids to interact with each other and use their imagination
● an encouraging place for parents to socialise and make lifelong friendships
● there are various craft activities depending on the day

Spotlight on activities

King Street Playgroup always celebrates upcoming events in a fun and interactive way.

At Easter, they usually hold an exciting egg hunt and all kinds of fun Easter crafts. At Christmas time, they organise presents with the parents and hand them out to the children in a Santa’s sack to make it a special and magical time for them.

Mother’s and Father’s Day are other great opportunities to organise fun craft activities for kids and give parents a unique opportunity to develop their creativity and have a blast with their children, joining in their activities.

Some of the preferred play activities at King Street Playgroup are:

● stepping blocks
● mini trampoline
● sandpit play
● playdough station
● painting activities
● craft activities

King Street Playgroup also organises raffles to raise money for their playgroup, which is a great opportunity for all members to have fun while raising some funds.

From new members to lifelong friends

Over the years, the playgroup has had a significant effect on the community, creating a welcoming environment for all its members. The children make lots of friends while also making memories. A lot of the children came to playgroup as babies and have “graduated” as preschoolers.

 The members keep in touch via their Facebook page, but for anyone without a Facebook account, they can always text or call if needed.

 If you’re thinking about joining a local playgroup, the King Street Playgroup community would love to meet you! 

Get in touch with them here or find a playgroup near you.

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