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Thu 15-Feb-18


Forsyth Park Playgroup opens its doors weekly to all children and parents in the lower North Shore area. 

Each Thursday morning at 10am they meet at the local community centre in Neutral Bay, generously donated by the North Sydney Council. Since they have their own place to gather, the session fees are nominal. That was great news to all its members!


What makes Forsyth Park Playgroup unique?

● Meetings are held even during school holidays. Since they enjoy each other’s company so much, why not make the playgroup available all year long? We think it is a great plan!

● They share a fence with a local park and have an amazing outdoor space, perfect for nature play activities. Some of their favourites are water play and climbing the outdoor equipment, since it’s placed in the shade. Fun!

● Once every three months, they host a Baby Einstein music session. Both babies and their parents have so much fun at this celebration, that it has become a regular event!

Community at its best

Forsyth Park Playgroup is living proof of the joys of a caring, amazing community. They have become an important part of their local community, a supportive environment for parents and a safe place for children to grow in. 

Their two coordinators, Lisa and Sarah, have made it easy for members to always be kept in the loop about the latest updates and events. 

Lisa had the great idea of creating a public Facebook page for their playgroup, which has generated quite a lot of interest. Apart from keeping their members informed, they upload photos from their activities to spread the word about the things that are happening during the week.

One of the weekly highlights are the simple yet enjoyable activities, organised to encourage further participation from all members and to provide more structure to their sessions.

Forsyth Park Playgroup gets bigger and bigger

Since they first started, Forsyth Park Playgroup has grown considerably. Lisa and Sarah, the coordinators, encourage and believe in word of mouth recommendations. They ask families to spread the word among their friends, and that’s how their playgroup grew so much. 

Their proximity to the park has also influenced their growing success, since they experience frequent drop-ins from locals. Very often, these people end up as members!

They’re also distributing flyers at their local early childhood centres, which they feel is bringing in additional members as well.

Do you want to join Forsyth Park Playgroup?

If you want to become part of this lovely playgroup, you can get in touch with them here.

If you’re not part of a playgroup yet now is the perfect time to join! Find a Playgroup near you now and join a local community of amazing children, parents and carers


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