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Fri 28-Sep-18


Located at Hunter Hills Fairland Hall, Figtree Playgroup opens its doors to all members every Wednesday between 10 am to 12 pm.


One of the long-standing playgroups in New South Wales

Figtree Playgroup has been there since the 80s. Lots of families in the area have two or three generations going to the playgroup and the grandchildren are now still active members.

Anne Bortolussi is one of the long-standing members of Figtree Playgroup. She came to Figtree 15 years ago with her first child. Anne has eight children who all have been with Figtree throughout the years. Anne herself has been a committee member for all those years. She enthusiastically shared with us that all the members are determined to keep Figtree Playgroup running as it has always been there to support families in Hunter Hills and surrounding areas.

A playgroup for all

Figtree Playgroup is a friendly playgroup with a committed team of volunteers who makes the playgroup an enjoyable experience to everyone. Throughout the years, Figtree’s committee members have always tried to welcome and accommodate everyone who would like to join the playgroup. “We learned that we should never turn people away.” Anne disclosed. This probably explains why Figtree have managed to sustain with healthy attendance over the years.
Figtree welcomes all parents, grandparents, carers with children under five. You’ll expect a big mix where older children can play with younger ones and all have fun together.

And every member is here to make a mark

Figtree is a very inclusive playgroup. Everyone can contribute their ideas or organize the activities for the playgroup. Serena Faber-Nelson, the current coordinator of Figtree Playgroup explained that this is one of the best thing about being a member here. “Your children will see their parents as a good role model where they are active members and well involved with the playgroup’s activities.” All the members have been trying to maintain that enthusiastic atmosphere where everyone can pitch in and contribute.

With that philosophy, Figtree has been unsurprisingly very happening with all sorts of excursions and activities. A mini Olympic day, a ferry trip in the city, a local trip to the library or a Teddy bear picnic day is something you can expect to see very often at Figtree.

A typical day at Figtree Playgroup

…usually starts with a craft activity of the day. With lots of ideas contribution from members, Figtree Playgroup has an interesting craft project almost every week. Crafty time is followed by morning tea session and then there comes either story time or music time.

Though there is always a plan for the day, the activities are maintained on very loose structure. Throughout the day, the children are encouraged to play free at any time if they don’t feel like to follow the plan set out for the day.

Figtree Playgroup venue occupies both indoor hall and the outside court yard of Hunter Hills Fairland Hall. There are numerous of activities for the children to explore during the session. Some preferred play activities are:

● trampoline
● sandpit play
● worm farm
● book reading

The playgroup maintains a super exciting mini library for its members. There is a booklist on display and everyone is welcome to pick their favourite book to enjoy during the session or bring it home on a weekly hold. Other toys are also available for temporary loan to members.

If you’re thinking about joining a local playgroup in Hunter Hills area, the Figtree Playgroup community would love to meet you!
Get in touch with them here or find a playgroup near you.



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