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Fri 22-Jun-18


The recently created Camperdown Commons Playgroup is the featured playgroup of the month. Meet the playground that offers you outdoor activities, where you can interact with nature and animals. 

This playgroup is located in the inner western suburb of Sydney and their main mission is to bring social inclusion to the local families. They are focused on promoting experience sharing and social engagement between parents and children.
Let’s take a closer look at this dynamic and recently created playgroup.


How did it all begin?

The Camperdown Commons is in a demographic area where many families have young children. It’s also an area where many new families have been moving to over the last few years. Therefore, there has been a growing necessity to establish a playgroup to facilitate social inclusion.
The team at Camperdown Commons and Playgroup NSW have worked together to organise this new group, which started early in May. After gathering information about the local families’ preferences, they started arranging the weekly events.
The results couldn’t be better since the attendance numbers have been growing week by week! It’s a direct result of acting according to people’s feedback. Besides, there is a great need for families to meet other parents in the same situation and share experiences.
And that’s how the Camperdown Commons Playgroup started. After only one month, an increasing number of families come to enjoy the pleasant space and socialise with other locals.

A pleasant space for the entire family

This playgroup offers an extensive outdoor space, including gardens and covered areas, where families can hang out, socialise and have a great time.
Children can play safely with each other while being close to nature. In fact, this playgroup community has chickens and numerous green areas that are accessible to everyone.
According to the community manager Ilina:“There is a lot of room for kids to move around. There are gardens, there are chickens as well.”

The main activities of this playgroup…

… are social activities that build social inclusion and promote social engagement.
This playgroup highly encourages experience sharing among parents. When it comes to children, there are numerous activities that focus on cognitive and social development. There are also entertainment activities related to arts and nature.
Overall, children and adults can enjoy a full range of social activities in a pleasant and quiet hangout place with a deep connection to nature.

Attendee Experience: Meeting other families

Lisa is a local mother who regularly attends the Camperdown Commons Playgroup meetings. She has moved into this residential area recently and she is looking forward to forming new relationships with other families.
Besides meeting new people, she can also share experiences and understand how other families handle certain parenting tasks.
Moreover, she wants to help her youngest child develop further social skills by playing and learning with other kids of his age.
Lisa particularly loves the Camperdown Commons space: “One of the good things about Camperdown Commons Playgroup is that there’s lots of space for kids to move around. You have lots of room to move,” she explains. “You can come and grab a coffee, you can play. There’s the gardens and chickens as well. It’s a really good space that’s covered with heating and all-weather spaces as well.”

Would you like to join Camperdown Commons Playgroup?

If you live in the Camperdown Commons area, then you can easily join this community. They organize two weekly meetings every Tuesday.
You don’t need to schedule your attendance, you can simply show up at the meetings. Learn more about the Camperdown Commons Playgroup community and memberships.

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