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Thu 13-Jul-17


We value all our playgroups and their amazing stories. This is why, each month, we want you to meet one of them, hopefully their stories will inspire you.

This month, the focus is on Arcadia Playgroup. The determination of this special group of people will surely inspire you.

Let’s meet the people behind this playgroup…

Meet Arcadia Playgroup

Arcadia Playgroup is an outdoor playgroup located in the hills area of Arcadia, Sydney. It was founded in 2013 by Karen Pentice. They’ve been meeting at the same venue since it began, which is a shed on the Arcadia Public School ground.

By 2016, their membership grew with 10 new members and many more occasional attendees. Now, over 10 families and 25 children attend playgroup regularly.

Arcadia Playgroup is a small group, brimming with enthusiasm and potential but severely lacking in resources. Their biggest problem was their meeting venue. Since it was an old shed, they were unable to meet whenever the weather wouldn’t cooperate, so they decided to apply for a volunteer grant and use that money to renovate their shed.

The power of community

They did it!

Recently, Arcadia Playgroup got a $2,000 Volunteer’s Grant from the local government for their shed renovation project.

Playgroup volunteers offered their time and Arcadia Public School’s P&C quickly got involved and financially supported the renovation project as well.

The shed makeover project - Arcadia Playgroup style

Over the following weeks after receiving the grant money, the shed went through some extensive renovation.

Let’s take a look at a few issues that needed immediate renovation:

The top corner of the shed had corrugated iron wall coming away from the frame. It was the first thing that needed repair, as water permeated the shed, causing large amounts of mud and debris all through the shed floor.

Another major problem was the clear evidence of mice and rats in the shed.

This photo is taken close to where the baby and toddler toys and craft supplies were stored.

Arcadia playgroup fixed this problem along with purchasing toy and craft supply containers to secure a rodent free storage environment for all their supplies.

With all the volunteers’ determination and hard work, the renovation was completed in only three weeks.

Are you ready for the big “after” reveal?


Everything you see has been done by playgroup volunteers!

They did get some grant money, but it was the playgroup volunteers who got involved and applied for the grant.

Once the renovation was complete the local member of Parliament, Julian Leeser, joined them at their opening. He also spoke in Parliament about the work this playgroup had done so far.

We are so thankful for such a supportive community and determined volunteers!

This bold renovation project couldn’t have been made possible without their valuable help.

Arcadia Playgroup, you are amazing!

Arcadia Playgroup is moving forward...

This playgroup has an important goal they aim to achieve for their local community:

Introducing young local families to Arcadia Public School (PS)

Arcadia PS is a fantastic school, but it is currently suffering from low enrolments. Its future sustainability may be threatened if their numbers do not increase.

Arcadia PS is the central entity in the small Arcadia community. They work closely with Arcadia Playgroup to allow the new families in the area to fully experience all this amazing public school has to offer.

Last but not least, their core goal is to bring all parents, babies and toddlers together. They provide a supportive environment for parents, develop a sense of community and provide children with an opportunity to socialise and play together.

Arcadia Playgroup is an important part of the small Arcadia community. With their determination we have no their small community will flourish.

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