Playgroup Video Competition 2018

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Competition will close on Fri 26-Oct-18

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We invite you to share video stories from your playgroup to win $500 worth of toys for your playgroups! 

Playgroup Australia is putting together a collection of videos from playgroup participants that provide an overview of the diversity, importance and benefits of playgroup. Our goal is to demonstrate the value and increase awareness of playgroups around the country. We will be choosing the best clips for inclusion into promotional videos!

We’re looking for upbeat and positive entries from children and carers, playgroup coordinators and volunteers, explaining to the wider community what makes being part of a playgroup so valuable. You can show the children playing or doing activities, parents chatting, collate some photos of your group or anything that really captures all the wonderful things about playgroup.

Film interviewees responding to these questions: Tell us a little about your playgroup: where it is and what age range of children attend? Why do you come to playgroup? What do you love most about it? What do you think are the benefits of playgroup for you and your children? If you were encouraging a friend to join a playgroup, what would you tell them? What is the best part of your playgroup?

You can also interview the children, asking them their name and questions such as: what is your favourite toy at playgroup? What do you like doing most when you come to playgroup? How do you feel when you’re at playgroup?

Filming tips:

• All interviews must be filmed landscape and on a tripod or somewhere still. Please do not film ‘selfie’ style.
• If a DSLR camera is available this is preferable, although filming on any phone no older than 2016 is acceptable.
• Ensure you are recording at the highest possible resolution, preferably 1080p but not less than 720p.
Most new phones and DSLR cameras will be set to record at this level.
• Make sure the room where you are filming is quiet and, if possible, have a colourful backdrop (perhaps with children’s artwork) about two metres behind the interviewees.
• Take multiple clips, each one no longer than 2 minutes.
At the start of each person being filmed, the person must state their name, location and confirm that they are happy to be filmed for the promotion of Playgroup Australia.

How to enter:

Click the button below
Username: playgroup
Password: playgroup
Please note the username and password are case sensitive.
Once logged in you will see a folder called “Interviews”: Click on this folder.
Click the Upload File tab on the left of the screen and follow the prompts.


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