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APRIL 2017

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5 Hazardous Items You Probably Carry In Your Handbag

Content provided by Kinderling Kids Radio, a Playgroup NSW media partner

Children are naturally curious. They touch, taste, squeeze and squish everything they can get their hands on. This can mean skillfully locating whatever it is inside your handbag (or man bag), nappy bag, swimming bag or supermarket shopping bags.

Unfortunately, parents are not always aware that some of the items in their bags are unsafe for children to play with. Sometimes, items that seem harmless at first glance can be the most dangerous for children.

Child Injury Prevention Project Officer for Kidsafe South Australia, McKeely Maney, shares a few items that are best kept away from children’s reach.

New Membership Benefit

Savings of 15% on Red Cross first aid training

In homes where there are small children, safety is an important issue. We want to protect our children from all potential dangers and we most often take steps to make our homes as safe an environment as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes despite our best efforts, accidents may still happen.

First aid training puts the power back into your own hands so you know that if the worst does happen, no matter where you are or who you are with, you have confidence in your ability to deal with the situation.

As a Playgroup NSW member, you and all adults on your membership can take 15 percent off two of Australian Red Cross’ most popular First Aid courses. There are options for you to take courses individually or as a playgroup.

To learn about courses offered, cost and how to book...

Nothing Beats Nature Baby Play: Six Fun Outdoor Activities To Try With Your Baby

Nature play is making a major comeback. It has so many developmental benefits and, of course, there’s also the element of having so much fun.

Nature play helps your baby build both fine and gross motor skills, along with assisting with their cognitive development. Little direction is required with nature play and the best thing you can do is provide the natural elements and then let them experiment.

Outdoor play in nature is not only fun but extremely beneficial for your baby’s development.

For some simple, creative and fun ideas you can try introducing to your child...

Member Competition

Och Aye the G'Nu Giveaway

Legendary Australian rocker Jimmy Barnes announces his new venture into the world of children’s entertainment with ‘Och Aye the G’Nu!’. This exciting double release is comprised of an album produced by The Wiggles’ creator Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field and accompanying children’s books through Five Mile Press.

We're giving our Playgroup NSW members a chance to win a pack including the album on CD and the storybook.

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