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JULY 2016

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Seven practical tips for understanding toddlers
(provided by Kinderling Kids Radio, a Playgroup NSW Media Partner)


Toddlers! They bring so much joy, but can stretch the boundaries of your parenting tool box!

To understand these peculiar (but amazing) creatures, Kinderling Conversation sent out an SOS to Robin Barker, child expert and author of awesome parenting guides including The Mighty Toddler and Baby Love.  

“Toddlers are often anti-social, demanding and self-centred," she says. “These behaviours in a 40-year-old adult would perhaps indicate some sort of mental health problem. However, generally in toddlers, all those things are quite normal.”

Robin shared seven practical (and humourous) tips for taming your Tod-zilla and keeping your sanity.

Play Activity-Tickling the senses

Experiencing new smells is very important in child development as it allows them to learn about the world around them. Talking to them about their sense of smell and describing other smells they sense can also help in their language development. Read more about fun activities that are especially suited for indoors during winter.

We'd love to hear your feedback about this activity. We hope you’ll take the time to use our ratings and reviews feature.


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t in centre


Keeping all your child’s important health history in one place


My Health Record enables families to maintain the best possible health. It can help you keep track of your child’s immunisations, doctor or hospital visits and other important medical information. It will allow you to take measures to ensure your child has the best possible start in life and to arm them with their important health information, all in one place, as they grow.  

Healthcare providers such as doctors, specialists and hospital staff will be able to access your child’s My Health Record when they need to. This is particularly important in the event of an accident or emergency or when your child may be in the care of others such as a grandparent or childcare teacher who may not be aware of your child’s key health information.

Member competitions

One of the many benefits of being a Playgroup NSW member is you have the opportunity to enter our monthly competitions. 

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Medela Competition

MyMedela, the new parenting app, by Medela Australia, provides practical advice and tips on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, and acts as an efficient tracking tool to monitor babies breastfeeding and sleep activity. 

To celebrate the launch of MyMedela app, Medela, leaders in breast feeding products and advice is offering lucky readers the chance to win a Medela Breastfeeding starter pack (value $49.95RRP) and a hand held Harmony breast pump (value $99.95 RRP).


VTech Competition

VTech offers early learning fun for everyone. We have one fantastic VTech preschool prize to give away, valued at $177 including:

1x Number Fun Turtle, RRP $24.95
1x Rattle & Roll Racer, RRP $24.95
1x Alphabet Apple, RRP $32.99
1x Feed Me Dino, RRP $29.95
1x Put & Take Dump Truck, RRP $29.95
1x My Laptop, RRP $34.95



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