Timeless Play

Playgroup NSW has a range of programs and services connecting children, families and carers to their community, through play, including Timeless Play, a very special Intergenerational program that brings Intergenerational playgroups to life.

The Vision

Playgroup NSW has long delivered intergenerational play experiences. The overall goal is to create positive change that improves the health and wellbeing of all older Australians and Elders we engage with. Playgroup NSW works in collaboration with partner organisations such as aged care providers, technology companies and early childhood related organisations to enact this meaningful change.

“With the right tools, an intergenerational playgroup is relatively easy to establish, and yet the far-reaching, positive benefits between young and old are remarkable.”

- Wendy, Diversional Therapist, Catholic Healthcare Villa Maria Centre, Brisbane.

What are Intergenerational Playgroups?

Intergenerational playgroups are an opportunity for children and adults of different ages and vulnerabilities to meet for play based activities, either face to face or via technology. Are you a parent interested in becoming involved with a Timeless Play program? Register your interest here and when a program becomes available, we will be in touch. 

How Intergenerational Play Can Create Change

Timeless Play programs and services exist to make change for older Australians and Elders, while creating valuable experiences for younger generations. The Geriatric Depression Scale is a survey tool that evaluates the mental state and likelihood of depression for people aged over 65. While it is an important measure of mental health and wellbeing amongst older Australians, it’s vital to have plans and measures in place to counteract the impacts of depression on our ageing population, particularly of those in care who are more susceptible to depression and anxiety. Join us for a Timeless Play experience. Please click here to express your interest. 

Research with an intergenerational playgroup conducted by The National Ageing Research Institute with Playgroup Victoria identified:

  • A quarter of residents indicated an increase in feelings of self-worth
  • Slightly more than a quarter of residents who participated in the research indicated they felt more engaged with the community after attending the playgroup
  • A small per cent of residents stated they experienced better health as a result of attending the playgroup.


Creating change with Playgroup NSW and Timeless Play

Playgroup NSW has made Timeless Play programs and services accessible to relevant partner organisations, to invoke a broader impact on the overall health and wellbeing of older Australians and elders. Timeless Play partnership programs are available in three be-spoke formats.


If you’re an organisation wanting to make meaningful change, get in touch with Playgroup NSW and the Timeless Play team today.


Help us establish more Intergenerational Playgroups. Your donations will support research, staff, new venues and participants.

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