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Recommend for: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Preschooler,


Summary: “Queenie” is an old, but timeless game, which children genuinely enjoy playing. When there is a large group of children it can get quite noisy and chaotic. Exercise their focus skills with this activity.

  • Choose someone to be Queenie
  • Queenie stands with his/her back to the rest of the group, who are about 3 meters away
  • Queenie throws a ball over his/her shoulder, towards the group
  • (A soft foam ball or home made ball is the best, it should not be too big)
  • Whoever catches it, or picks it up from the ground, hides it behind their back
  • All the other children pretend to hide the ball as well
  • When they are ready they call out “Queenie, Queenie who’s got the ball”?
  • Queenie then turns around and tries to guess who is hiding the ball
  • If they guess correctly, the child holding the ball becomes Queenie
  • If they guess wrongly, the game starts over again

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