Dodge ball

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Recommend for: Cognitive, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Preschooler,


Summary: Dodge ball is an excellent way to get rid off some of that excess energy that kids can often have, particularly in a large group. It is a great way to exercise and develop their fine and gross motor skills.

This game requires adult supervision at all times. A large ball (like a beach ball) should be used. Avoid using leather balls, or any that are heavy as they may cause injuries.

  • The players are divided into 2 equal teams: the dodgers and the throwers
  • The dodgers are inside a large circle and throwers are spread around the outside
  • The throwers try to hit a dodger with the ball
  • They may throw directly or pass the ball to other members of their team
  • If a dodger is hit, he/she leaves the centre and becomes a thrower
  • Once everyone is out, the teams trade places

Variation: Alternatively, the dodgers and throwers can be split onto two different sides of a field (you can use a rope or spray paint to divide the field into two, or use pre-existing lines). The throwers start first, but if they miss the dodgers then throw and try to hit one of the throwers. The game ends when all of the kids on one side get eliminated.

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