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Useful links for parents of children with ASD.

Resourcing Parents

Resourcing Parents website provides parenting information and education to parents and carers of children aged 0-18 years. It provides information on a range of events and workshops available to families and provides links to parenting websites and multicultural resources. Some of the information available includes;

• Playgroup locations
• Love, Talk, Sing, Read, Play interactive access
• Triple P events
• State based parenting support information
• Grandparent and relative carers information
The website is funded by the NSW Government to support families.

Raising Children’s Network

National parenting website that provides comprehensive and evidence based information to support parents and carers from 0-18 years. The website is dedicated to providing parenting information and practical methods to support children through a range of experiences. It also has specific areas dedicated to ASD and disabilities, providing comprehensive information on various therapies and evidence based research required to make informed choices. Some information found includes;
• Toilet training
• Language development
• Bedtime routines
• Challenging behaviour
• ASD therapies guide
The website is funded by the Australian Government to help support parents and families

Autism & Disability (Raising Children’s Network App)

App developed by the Raising Children’s Network to support families through the process of diagnosis for Autism. Provides disability support and therapy information, articles, videos and other information.
Available on both Apple and Android devices.

Triple P

Triple P positive parenting programs have been designed to provide parents with tools and strategies to support positive parenting skills in raising children from 0-8 years. The program can help with specific issues parents may be facing and provide a greater understanding of development and behavior. Some of the key messages found in Triple P include
• Encouraging positive behavior in children
• Using a positive approach to dealing with challenging behaviors
• Make parenting a positive experience for families
For more information, please go to

Love Talk Sing Read Play

Love, Talk, Sing, Read, Play was a government funded initiative developed by Families NSW in conjunction with Health to provide evidence based information on early childhood development. It has a particular focus on attachment and how the engagement of a parent has lasting benefits for the outcomes in children.
Love Talk Sing Read Play has information available for professionals working in early childhood settings and provides interactive tools for parents via website and app. For further information, please go to

Circle of Security

Circle of Security are international training models that are focused on developing the self-esteem and emotional wellbeing of children. It has a focus on creating secure attachments between parents and children, providing a safe and nurturing family unit. Training is available for both professionals and parents with a range of models developed to suit different needs.
Information on upcoming workshops can be found on the Resourcing Parents website or by visiting Circle of Security International at

NDIS Website

The NDIS is an insurance scheme offered by the federal government to provide for people under 65 who are living with a permanent and significant disability. The NDIS funds supports that are considered reasonable and necessary to help people live life and achieve their goals.
The NDIS website has been developed to support the implementation of the NDIS and provides information to participants and professional about the scheme. Families looking to access the NDIS can source information on NDIS pathways, state based supports and services providers. Providers can also find information to help them transition into an NDIS service provider. People should access the website if they require information around
• Access requirements to become a participant
• Service providers
• NDIS pathways
• Participant portal
• Provider portal
For further information, please visit the NDIS official website at

Positive Partnerships

Positive Partnerships provides evidence based workshops, webinars and online learning to support professionals and families caring for children with ASD in educational settings. The focus is to develop and foster relationships between children and staff in educational settings to promote better learning outcomes in a school setting. Some of the workshops that Positive Partnerships provide include
• Introduction to autism
• Introduction of sensory processing
• Supporting successful transitions and change
• Using a behavior support template
For further information on the workshops, webinars and online learning Positive Partnerships provide, please visit the website at

ASD Detect (App and Website)

ASD Detect is an app that has been developed through the Olga Tennison Autism Research Center at La Trobe University in Melbourne and provides parents with a way to assess social and communicative behaviors in children between ages of 11 and 30 months. It is important to note that this is not a diagnostic tool and that only through a thorough assessment by a professional can indicate the presence of autism.
For further information on ASD Detect please go to the website or download the app on Android or Apple devices.

Autism Spectrum Australia

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is Australia’s largest service provider for people on the autism spectrum. They provide a range of services that include information and advice, school programs, diagnostic assessments, behaviour support, parent and family support, and adult programs.

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