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Playgroup Tools

At Playgroup NSW we are continuously reinventing the world of play for babies, toddlers and young children. We do so by developing reliable tools and resources that support our volunteer playgroup committee members to start and run playgroups in their community. Scroll down to discover the tools you can benefit from when you start a playgroup in your area.

We also have a Playgroup Stories section on our website with articles from the media as well as our Playgroup of the month which highlights the unforgettable experiences for children, parents and carers at playgroup.

  • This Insurance Flyer provides advice which is general in nature and is subject to change. It contains information regarding Playgroup NSW insurance coverage for playgroups. For specific insurance advice please contact Finsura Insurance Broking.
  • Playgroup NSW

    Has your playgroup been approached to add a baby playgroup session to your playgroup? Is the group becoming too big to manage safely and you need an extra session? You are set to become a multi session playgroup. This document guides you through the process of the opening, setting up and closing of additional sessions. If the session you are adding is for a Baby Playgroup, there are additional considerations. Please refer to setting up a baby friendly playgroup.
  • Playgroup NSW

    All playgroups must have three office bearers: a Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer. These office bearers are the only people who can be signatories to the cheque account (any two to sign). The function of the committee is to see that the playgroup runs smoothly and all business of the group is carried out according to the Constitution.
  • Playgroup NSW

    Before starting your playgroup, you will need to become affiliated with Playgroup NSW. Download and complete the form to ensure your playgroup complies to be affiliated with Playgroup NSW.
  • Playgroup NSW

    The Playgroup NSW Charter governs the operations and responsibilities of playgroups affiliated with Playgroup NSW and their members.

Playgroup of the Month

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We value all our playgroups and their amazing stories. This is why, each month, we want you to meet one of them, hopefully their stories will inspire you.

This month, the focus is on Arcadia Playgroup. The determination of this special group of people will surely inspire you.

Play Activities

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Children love playing with balls of all shapes and sizes. And with good reason: balls are great for group play, organised sports or just playing by yourself. They are also suitable for a variety of age groups (from babies to children and even adults).

Featured Video

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In celebration of our 45th birthday, we’ve produced a fun, short video which we hope you enjoy. Thanks to all the playgroups and others who contributed to it.

Featured Article

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Mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue, answers one of Kinderling Radio listener’s question on how to keep their child safe on the ground.

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