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About Play Baby

FREE membership for families with a baby under 12 months old - Offer ends 31 December 2017! 

Playgroup gives babies an early start to learning through play and socialising, which we know is vital for early child development.

That’s why through our Play Baby initiative, we’re giving the gift of Playgroup NSW membership to parents with a baby under 12 months.

All New South Wales parents who register with Playgroup NSW by their child’s first birthday will receive a free 12-month family membership (valued at $39).

Join Now - offer ends 31 December 2017

What is a playgroup?

At playgroups parents and carers get together with their babies, toddlers and preschool age children for a couple of hours each week to connect, learn through play and most importantly, have fun. Essentially, playgroup is one of the first, and most important social networks for children and families.

Playgroups are held at a variety of community venues Learn more about various types of playgroups. Playgroup NSW offers over 800 playgroups throughout the State. Parents often try several playgroups to find the right one for them, but rest assured there is a playgroup for everyoneSearch for a playgroup near you or read about how to start your own playgroup.

Why is playgroup important for babies?

In their first few years, children develop skills that lay the foundation for life. From learning to laugh through to learning to walk, these important connections and experiences are shaped by you as a parent. Babies are never too young to start reaping the rewards of play. Learn more about baby development and importance of play for babies.

Playgroup provides opportunities for babies to explore, interact and play with different toys, experience new textures, colours, noises and shapes and of course, to discover. At playgroup, babies have the reassurance of being with their parent or carer as they learn to interact, share and relate to other babies and adults in a safe environment. This builds confidence, develops social skills and promotes self-esteem.

Research shows the benefits of playgroup are seen across all domains of child development: physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development and communication.

Why is playgroup beneficial for parents of babies?

Playgroup is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents in a similar situation. It gives you the chance to make new friends, learn from one another and develop a supportive local network for you and your family.

Playgroup has been my absolute lifesaver since having my first child! I look forward to it every week and would be a little lost without it. Love watching my baby girl make friends and memories
Playgroup NSW 'Play Baby' member

What are the benefits of Playgroup NSW membership?

  • Unlimited access to nearly 1,000 weekly playgroup sessions across NSW
  • A specially designed comprehensive playgroup insurance cover for all your family members when attending Playgroup NSW affiliated playgroups and events
  • Subscription to our monthly eNewsletter which includes competitions for members to win free products and event tickets.
  • A range of special offers with our partners, including discounts to entertainment & events for families with young children.

*A family membership usually costs $39 per year. So, if you have a child under 12 months old, then now is the time to take advantage of our free Play Baby free membership offer.

Join Now - offer ends 31 December 2017

*Your local playgroup may charge a small additional weekly session fee to cover the ongoing costs of craft, toys, venue hire and morning tea.

Questions about our Play Baby Initiative? View Frequently Asked Questions

Download Play Baby Brochure

Do you have friends or family members with a child under one? 

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