Parents And Carers Love Playgroups: Discover Why You Too Should Join A Local Playgroup This Year

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Tue 31-Jan-17

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Thousands of families with young children enjoy making going to playgroup part of their weekly routine. Whenever we visit a local playgroup in NSW we are thrilled to see so many children attend with their parents and carers. If you are thinking about joining playgroup this year, then this article is for you. 

What do you love about playgroup?

Many parents and carers who attend playgroup see it as a great way to build social networks and enjoy support from one another. As one mum says, “One of the main benefits [of attending] is the social side of things. I can talk to other mums and whatever I need, I know the mums are here.”

You often hear, “There is no rule book to raising children.” Finding your way along the path of parenting can be challenging, full of moments when you may wonder if you are making the right choices. Parents and carers all agree that while playgroup gives them a chance to spend time with their children, it also gives them the opportunity to meet with other adults with whom they exchange thoughts on their experiences raising a child. This kind of support can be invaluable and has been described by some parents as a ‘life line’.

Another benefit of playgroup is knowing there is a reliable, safe activity for children to participate in, rain, hail or shine. One of the mums at the North Curl Curl Paygroup highlights, “I know my child is safe. She can play, she can run, and I don’t have to worry what the weather is like. I can walk out of the house and drive here.”

Families with only one child also see benefits. “I think it is good for children who do not have any siblings, to play with other kids,” another mum remarks. “It is a social thing for mums, and children can play with other children.”

Children learn to share

Two of the things that children learn by attending playgroup is sharing and socialising. One mum noticed the transformation of her child - who had a shy personality - into a social child who loves to make friends.

“They learn more social skills and how to share,” she says. “They play nicely with others and make friends. It helps with the social skills, especially with my little one; he was a little shy about playing with others, but now it’s great!”

Do you want to join a local playgroup?

Mums, dads, grandparents and other carers are welcome to attend one or more sessions a week at their local playgroups. If you are interested in joining a playgroup, click here for more details.

If there is no playgroup near you, you can start your own playgroup. See what to do to start a playgroup here.

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