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  • Kinderling Kids Radio

    Wed 24-May-17

    Aren’t holidays the best thing ever?

    When you go on road trips with babies and toddlers things tend to get a bit more complicated and unpredictable. The last thing you want is a car full of fussing toddlers or unsettled babies.

    How can you prepare for a tension-free road trip with your babies and toddlers?

    Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue talks about managing an upcoming holiday so everyone can have a great time in the car.

  • Kinderling Kids Radio

    Tue 23-May-17

    Once toddlers get moving they’re hard to stop!   Very little gets in their way and big pieces of furniture make no exception. Their curiosity can sometimes lead them to gain extreme confidence in their climbing skills. Even though curiosity is a good thing, you should keep an eye on your little hikers all the time.

    Mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue, provides three effective tips to stop a clambering toddler in their tracks.

  • Kinderling Kids Radio

    Tue 23-May-17

    Playing outdoors? Nature is a child’s best friend. In order to have the best play time out in the open, children need to learn to respect nature and get to know it better.

    Why not teach your child the names and features of some plants? There are some that children should avoid playing with, so the sooner you tell them about these plants, the better.

    Paediatric nurse, Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids, warns parents of the four most hazardous plants they could have in their own backyard. 

  • Kinderling Kids Radio

    Tue 23-May-17

    Are your children constantly misbehaving?

    In a recent interview with Kinderling, Julie Green, the Executive Director of Raising Children Network, shared her advice on how to re-establish law and order in your home without losing your cool as a parent.

    Julie shared her ten expert tips on establishing your house rules in an effective way so that they work for everyone in the family. Let’s take a look at them…

  • Playgroup NSW

    Fri 12-May-17

    We all experience disappointment in our lives at one point or another. The question is not, “If or when will disappointment strike?” but, “How to bounce back?” when it does.

    When it comes to our children, it is important to teach them how to navigate their negative feelings in a healthy way.

    Here are nine coping strategies resilient families use to help each other navigate through disappointment. Catherine Sewell, Play Thinker in Residence at Playgroup NSW, encourages families to try these well known strategies for building resilience. 


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We value all our playgroups and their amazing stories. This is why, each month, we want you to meet one of them, hopefully their stories will inspire you.

This month, the focus is on Arcadia Playgroup. The determination of this special group of people will surely inspire you.

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Children love playing with balls of all shapes and sizes. And with good reason: balls are great for group play, organised sports or just playing by yourself. They are also suitable for a variety of age groups (from babies to children and even adults).

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With funding from the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, Playgroup NSW, is piloting a special playgroup for refugee families in South West Sydney.  We are running this playgroup in partnership with SSI (Settlement Services International), NSW’s largest settlement agency and service provider to new humanitarian arrivals and asylum seekers.

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Mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue, answers one of Kinderling Radio listener’s question on how to keep their child safe on the ground.

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