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Welcome to a World of Creative Play With LEGO® DUPLO® 

Playgroup NSW and LEGO DUPLO are both committed to supporting learning through play. We believe that imagination and creative play is one of life's most important skills. We’ve teamed up to help affiliated playgroups discover a world of endless play, learning and creativity, where together, we let imagination grow. 

We'll share plenty of fun DUPLO activities, play tips and loads of competitions and giveaways so your playgroup can continue to grow your creative toolbox so make sure you check back here frequently for inspiration.

We look forward to sharing the fun DUPLO experiences with you! 

How do DUPLO products encourage learning through play?

We know that imagination is an important life skill, especially for toddlers and preschool children, DUPLO offers a creative play experience that support just that; imagination.

The LEGO DUPLO system of play is versatile at its core with a variety of bricks, figures, and other elements - the perfect toolbox of inspiration in order for children to foster and unleash creative skills, helping them grow to become more confident, curious and resourceful.

When toddlers and preschoolers are sitting on the floor building castles and towers, it's clear that they're honing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. However, their brains are just as busy as their hands; through freewheeling and imaginative play, kids enter a very active learning zone that encourages their curiosity and builds their independence. Here are some amazing, learnings that children may gain from LEGO® DUPLO® play—and how to help them get the most out of this precious and fun time.

  • Cause and effect. Even when they're building towers and immediately knocking them down with squeals of delight, children are learning about cause and effect. Through trial and error, kids begin to understand how much pressure is required to snap bricks together or pull them apart, and how high they can build before gravity takes over. Ask them questions like “Do you think this stack will stay balanced?" or “What will happen if you put the house on the bumpy spot in the carpet?" can get your little scientist experimenting.

  • How to handle challenges. It happens during most playtimes: Something doesn't work out the way your child planned. What happens when you don't have enough yellow bricks to build the giraffe? Or the bridge you just finished cracks in half? Well, you may have to start all over again—and that's okay!Because LEGO DUPLO bricks are so easy to take apart and put back together, they're ideally suited for encouraging children to challenge themselves and indulge their natural curiosity. Preschoolers learn that perseverance pays off, and you can learn from every outcome, whether you expected it or not. That's a lesson that will serve them well in school and beyond.

  • The joy of creativity. During play, children naturally turn to their fertile imaginations. They love to act out stories with toys—whether that's mimicking grown-up behavior (think playing house or school) or moving into fantastical worlds of fairies and pirates. Because there's no “right" way to play with LEGO DUPLO, preschoolers are free to use their wild and wacky imaginations. They can conjure up the wildest, scariest adventures and still feel safe.

There are dozens of other incredible ways kids learn while playing, so keep your eyes and ears open when there's a building project going on in your living room. Your child might even teach you something.  

What is DUPLO?

LEGO DUPLO toys are the preschool offering from the LEGO brand and are specially designed for children aged one and a half to five years.

Double the size of LEGO bricks. DUPLO bricks are perfect for small hands and growing imaginations. The chunky, brightly coloured bricks are perfect for developing early construction skills and special decorated bricks provide great talking point and teachable movements between adult and child as they play. DUPLO bricks are designed specially to be safe and fun for little hands, and DUPLO figures and vehicles inspire hours of role-play fun! Find out more on LEGO.com/DUPLO

Did you know...

  • Building with LEGO DUPLO bricks helps your child develop his or her concentration skills
  • When children play with LEGO DUPLO they begin to build their numeracy skills and vocabulary - like longer than, taller than and smaller than.
  • You can wash LEGO DUPLO bricks in 40 degree warm water with a mild detergent to clean them.

Grow your playgroup's DUPLO Toolbox

As part of our partnership with LEGO, they are offering all playgroups affiliated with Playgroup NSW a free DUPLO Starter Pack. Simply click the button below to register.


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