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  • Kinderling Kids Radio

    Wed 01-Jun-16

    Kids fighting off another bout of sneezing and snotty noses? Sadly, there’s no miracle solution to stop them catching colds, but this article provides great healthy eating tips (and recipes) to boost little ones’ immune systems and shorten their recovery time if they do get crook. You can also listen to Kinderling Kids Radio interview with Nutrionist Jess Beaton

  • Kinderling Kids Radio

    Thu 04-Aug-16

    Are you finding that mealtimes are becoming more about tantrums, tears and food everywhere but in your little one’s mouth? Most likely, you’re feeling frustrated, at the end of your tether and concerned that your baby is not getting enough healthy nutrition.

    Do not despair… you are not alone!

    Jess Beaton, nutritionist with One Handed Cooks, shares her advice on how to deal with food refusal and get finicky babies to eat. 

  • Nutrition Australia

    Mon 09-Jan-17

    A healthy and nourishing lunch is important to help kids stay alert and active throughout the day. If your kids are tired of the same old sandwich, why not mix and match some of the following more exciting options? 

  • Timea West ND BHom BNat DNut Nutrition Strategist, Facilitator

    Mon 09-Jan-17

    The antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes helps build our skin’s natural protection against radiation and sun damage. Fresh tomato soups are a great way to top up our lycopene storage or mix lashings of tomato puree with any of the family’s favourite dips, dressings and sauces for that extra hit of lycopene for a healthy skin. Read more for tips on six foods for your child’s healthy skin and for yours too!

  • Timea West ND BHom BNat DNut Nutrition Strategist, Facilitator

    Mon 09-Jan-17

    Did you know that cocoa is good for skin health? Find out why here. And then make these delicious treats.

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Why start a playgroup?

  • You would like to transition a mother’s group or new parent’s group to a playgroup

If your local mother’s or new parent’s group is interested in continuing to meet as your children get older, forming a playgroup is a great option.

Often parents will find it difficult to continue to meet at cafes or in similar environments once children are older and more active. Playgroup provides a dedicated space for children to play, allowing parents to continue to connect.

  • There is no local playgroup

If you don’t have a playgroup close to home, why not consider starting one? Not only is this more convenient for local parents, it also helps bring communities together.

  • You would like to focus on a language, culture or particular interest

Playgroup NSW provides a range of special interest playgroups including culturally specific playgroups, grandparent’s playgroups, LGBTI playgroups and disability-focused playgroups. If you’re looking for a playgroup with a special interest or focus, we can help you start one.

Interested in starting a playgroup? Playgroup NSW can help you get started.

There are 10 steps involved in starting a playgroup:

  1. Find interested families
  2. Identify the playgroup’s purpose
  3. Select a day of the week and time
  4. Choose an appropriate location
  5. Identify play activities
  6. Select toys and equipment
  7. Establish policies and guidelines
  8. Join Playgroup NSW
  9. Identify costs
  10. Get started!

To read more about each of these steps, read our guide on How to Start a Playgroup.

Playgroup NSW are here to help you at all stages of the process

Playgroup NSW offers a membership package with insurance coverage designed specifically for playgroups.

Contact us if you:

  • Want to start a playgroup
  • Want to affiliate an existing playgroup with Playgroup NSW
  • Already run a playgroup that has adequate insurance coverage and would like to access some of the services provided by Playgroup NSW

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Bubbles can provide hours of fun and fascination for your baby. If they are too young to blow the bubbles themselves, they will enjoy watching the bubbles float and burst.

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