Playgroup Of The Month - Oatley West 1 Playgroup (May 2017)

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Wed 24-May-17


There are so many amazing playgroups all over NSW it’s hard to pick a focus group each month!  We decided to draw your attention to Oatley West 1 playgroup this month, simply because we found it so amazing.

Their story will inspire you- so get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started…

Oatley West 1 Playgroup

Oatley West 1 playgroup is located in the leafy suburb of Oatley in southern Sydney. They have been affiliated with Playgroup NSW for 30 years.

Each week, this playgroup runs three sessions for children 0-5, plus two baby sessions. They provide varied activities across all age groups and offer afternoon sessions. As a result new families join Oatley West 1 playgroup each week.

Their biggest challenge to date has been relocating a few years ago. Finding another available and affordable venue to accommodate a multi-session playgroup was tough but delivered great rewards once they found it.

Their current venue is Oatley Gospel Chapel Youth Hall, a welcoming place for for playgroup families.

Constantly starting new sessions. How?

Oatley West 1 playgroup is always open to starting new sessions.

When an interested parent or carer can’t find a suitable age group for their child at Oatley West 1, they immediately start looking for resources in order to start a new session. Such resources include volunteers, team leaders, suitable space and time frame.

Once they source all they need, a new age group session begins!

Currently, the Oatley area has a great demand for baby playgroup sessions. Baby sessions are not only beneficial for parents and babies, they also become the older playgroup members of the future.

Communication within the playgroup

The volunteer committee members, session leaders and members of the Oatley West 1 playgroup have great communication using their own Facebook group.

They use it to organise all kinds of fun group events, roster group activities and share playgroup information with members each week.

The playgroup uses all their current and additional income to buy or replace their toys and other activity resources.

What makes Oatley West 1 playgroup amazing?

The many members and all the volunteers provide the foundation for this amazing group. Somehow they all find time to help create a supportive and caring environment for children, parents and carers alike.

We asked members what they love to do at playgroup and we received a lot of interesting answers. We found out some of the children's most favourite activities are singing, parachuting, arts and crafts and playing with toys.

The parents and carers love to take turns and organise fun activities like “craft or playing musical instruments”. Members also appreciate  “the morning tea and the fact that we can all gather together”.

The benefits of attending a playgroup…

...are so many, it’s impossible to include them all.  So we wanted to find out which are the benefits our members experience firsthand as a result of attending playgroup. Here are their answers:

  • Social interaction for parents and caregivers
  • Strengthens the bond between children and their parents and carers
  • Children learn to socialise with other children their own age and from a young age
  • Mums can gather together and socialise
  • Friendships start blooming at playgroup.

Oatley West 1 playgroup is such a great resource for parents, carers and children alike. See for yourself by joining Oatley West 1 playgroup now or find a playgroup near you.

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