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Types of membership

Family Membership

You may want to attend a playgroup a couple of times before deciding whether you want to visit regularly.  For this reason, families can attend two playgroup sessions without being a member. However, to continue participating at your local playgroup, you’ll need to become a member of Playgroup NSW.

A Playgroup NSW Family Membership covers up to five children and their parents and other caregivers. (including grandparents and nannies)

Family Membership allows any parent or carer (including grandparents and nannies) to visit playgroups with the child registered under the same membership.

Annual Family Membership Fees

  • NSW Family Membership costs $39
  • Playgroup NSW Family concession membership costs $20 and is available to healthcare card holders. 
  • Through our Play Baby initiative, we are offering the gift of FREE membership to families with a baby under 12 months old.

Your local playgroup may charge a small additional weekly session fee to cover the ongoing costs of craft, toys and venue hire.

Organisational Membership

Organisational Membership is for new and established playgroups looking to be affiliated with Playgroup NSW. Organisational members become part of the Playgroup NSW network, are promoted by the organisation and are sent referrals.

To find out more about applying for Organisational Membership contact us.

An annual Playgroup NSW Organisational Membership costs $250.

Organisational Family Membership

Organisational Family Membership expands upon Organisational Membership to also include insurance for all families attending the playgroup, a certificate of insurance currency, event discounts and the Playgroup NSW Information Pack and resources.

Playgroup attendees must be registered under a Family Membership. The playgroup can choose to cover the costs of Family Memberships or attendees can pay this separately.

An annual Playgroup NSW Organisational Family Membership costs $250 + $39 per family.

To find out more about applying for Organisational Membership, contact us.

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